10 common washing machine problems and their fixes

Not every problem needs professional help

10 common washing machine problems and their fixes


When you face a problem with your washing machine or it isn’t working, do not hesitate to check the simple things before calling for professional help. You can save a great deal of money and time by troubleshooting. Whether your washer is a front loader or a top loader, here are a few common problems you are likely to face with your washing machine.

Common problems with washing machines

Moves a lot

Your washing machine may vibrate and move a little during a washing cycle, but if it moves a lot or bounces around loudly, something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Typically, this is caused by an uneven surface or faulty suspension rods.

Not turning on

If your washing machine suddenly stops working, there are some easy fixes you should try first. Changing the fuse or flicking a switch may solve the problem, or checking your power outlets. If you have used your washing machine a lot in a short period of time, it may have overheated. Give it time to cool down.

It is noisy

When the washer starts to make loud noises, a coin or other metal item like keys may be the culprit. If removing them doesn’t solve the problem, then it could a faulty component. In such a case it is better to call for professional help.

Ripped clothes

The last thing anyone wants is to have their clothes damaged during a wash cycle, right? If this occurs, it could be because of a strange object getting caught. Check the washing machine’s drum e’s drum carefully to make sure no foreign objects are present inside.

Not filling with water

A washing machine not filling with water can cause alarm, but you might be able to solve the problem easily. The most common cause is a blocked or twisted hose, so make sure to clear the hose without damaging it.

Spinning problem

Drainage and spinning mechanisms are interconnected. A non-functioning drainage system will prevent the machine from spinning. There may be a blockage in the pump filter or in the hose going from the drum to the pump. There is a possibility that the motor’s carbon brushes may have worn out, or that the motor capacitor has failed. In such cases it is advisable to call for professional help.

Water not draining properly

There is a common problem with washing machines not draining, but luckily, it is also a simple one to fix. It is most likely a clogged drain hose that causes this problem. To fix the problem, disconnect the drain hose, and then pour away the excess water. You should also check for any blocks and ensure your filters are clean. While this can be messy work, it is usually an easy fix.

Clothes smell bad

In most cases, smelly washing machines are due to cold washes and liquid detergents, which can be easily resolved. Bacteria and grime build up can also result in clothes smelling bad. In addition to running hot washes, it is also recommended that you run maintenance washes occasionally to resolve this issue.

Fault codes

There are no universal washing machine fault codes, unlike laundry symbols. The user manual gives you an insight into the problem and even suggest a solution. The fault may need to be traced by an engineer or professional technician. Even if the machine appears to be working fine, don’t ignore a fault code.

The door won’t open

If your washing machine door won’t open, you just have to run a cycle again. If water is still detected, the machine will not open. Make sure the filter and drain aren’t blocked so the water can drain.

Safety should always be your top priority when working on electrical appliances. Before troubleshooting or attempting repairs, turn off the washing machine’s power source.

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