Power consumption to replacements: 5 air conditioner FAQs answered for you

Some burning questions you may have about your air conditioner

Power consumption to replacements: 5 air conditioner FAQs answered for you


Air conditioners are super useful, and while some people use them all year round, others may turn to their ACs just during the hot summer months. Regardless, there are probably a lot of questions you have on your mind if you’ve owned an AC for a while or are thinking of buying your first one. Here are five frequently asked questions about air conditioners, and the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Can I leave my AC turned on all day?

It is possible to run your air conditioner all day but know that this isn’t the most cost-effective or energy-efficient option. Using your AC all day could result in higher electricity bills along with faster degradation of your AC due to overuse. Environmentally speaking, this also means you’re leaving a larger impact on the planet due to the extra energy consumption. To keep your home comfortable and save on utility bills, try setting up an automated cooling system.

How to decrease the power consumption of my AC?

The most obvious way of decreasing the power consumption of an AC is to switch it off when not needed. Other ways of cutting down on energy usage is to ensure your AC is always running with clean filers and ensuring proper insulation in the room.

Should my outdoor unit be covered in winter?

The outdoor unit on your split AC should never be covered. If one accidentally turns on the AC before the cover is removed, the covering is at a danger of being sucked in, or even restricting airflow, which can cause severe damage to the unit. Instead, consider getting a proper service for your outdoor unit with the changing of seasons, to remove dust and debris from the moving parts.

Why does my AC keep freezing up?

AC’s require constant airflow to keep functioning optimally, such that moisture doesn’t settle on the coils and freeze. To ensure the same, make sure your air filters aren’t dirty or clogged. Air filters don’t cost too much, and it is a good idea to change them regularly. Keeping your AC clean in general is a good idea for preventing air flow problems, and other consequent issues as well.

When should I replace my AC?

Ideally, you should change your AC under the following circumstances – your AC unit is older than 10 years, or it tends to lose it cooling capabilities frequently due to refrigerant leaks. Furthermore, the older an AC, the more the power it tends to consume. If you notice a sudden spike in your electricity bills, it’s probably time to consider replacing your AC.

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