Apple September 7 event: What we expect Apple to announce at its ‘Far Out’ event

Rumours? Leaks? We got you covered ahead of the September 7 launch

Apple September 7 event: What we expect Apple to announce at its ‘Far Out’ event

As we stand days away from Apple’s September 7 event, speculations begin to form around what’s to come. Traditionally, the Cupertino-based giant has used its September events to announce a new iPhone, a new smartwatch, and sometimes even a new audio product. If all the rumours are anything to go by, this year’s ‘Far Out’ event is likely to be the same as well. If you find yourself waiting for more intel on the upcoming Apple smartphones, we have got it covered. Read on to find out what’s in store with the new iPhone and whether you should hold on investing in an older model just yet.

More iPhones

Could there be no ‘Mini’ iPhone this year? Rumours hint at four possible iPhone models launching this year, but in place of the mini, there could be a new Plus/Max variant. This would be in addition to the standard iPhone and the Pro models.


Despite multiple debates over its design, the new iPhones aren’t expected to look very different from their predecessors. That said, one or more models this year could ditch the pill-shaped notch for a punch-hole setup.

Lightning vs USB Type-C

Several rumours deduced that Apple maybe looking at doing away with its controversial Lightning port. While there could be a possibility of having a USB Type-C port in its place, the brand hasn’t hinted at bidding adieu to the iconic Lightning port just yet. Keeping that in mind, Apple will likely bring in an updated Lightning port with faster USB 3.0 data transfer support.


The new line-up is looking at using Apple’s ProMotion Display for a smoother refresh rate and performance. However, as per leaks, this feature is again likely to be limited to the Pro models. Recent rumours also crush hopes on the reported excitement around the next iPhones sporting an under-display Touch ID sensor.

Always-On Display

Apple’s iPhone 13 series brought in support for a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. In addition, the LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) screen on iPhone 13 could drop the high-refresh of 120Hz to the ultra-low battery saving 10Hz.

Now, rumors suggest that the new iPhone could build upon this existing feature to go as low as 1Hz, reducing the power usage of your display. So, yes, the much-anticipated Always-On feature could be on the cards for Apple enthusiasts looking forward to it. This feature could show info like weather, calendar, stocks and more without you having to switch on the screen.


iPhone users awaiting a significant camera upgrade may be in for a surprise. For starters, the cameras could be expected to get a bump in specs – from 12MP to 48MP. Having more megapixels on hand lends an excellent opportunity to play around and allows more scope to process light and details when required. While numerous aficionados were expecting a periscope-style zoom lens, a recent report suggests that it may not make an appearance until later next year.

The front camera too is expected to get a bump in specs, with rumors hinting at a notch-less Pro variant as well. As for the camera itself, it could be getting a wider aperture and autofocus support.


With every new iPhone comes a new chipset with more power, and it could be the same this year as well. Leaks hint at an updated bionic chip under the hood, which is likely to bring in improved processing and graphics performance when compared to last year’s A15 chip. Storage and RAM within the iPhone, too, are likely to be amped up, but there haven’t been any solid suggestions pointing towards it.

Battery life

If the battery life of your current iPhone is a bother for you, the new model shows chances of a slight increase in the Pro models. The change in the power consumption is related to the latest 5G chip, which is predicted to run on a smaller modem, allowing the tech giant more space for a larger battery. Apart from these changes, the new models will still be seen utilising the MagSafe accessories just as their predecessors.

Despite not undergoing a massive change in terms of the design, the upcoming iPhones could still be the smartphone of numerous dreams. Apple’s September 7 event kicks off at 10:30PM IST, stay tuned to our platform to know which of the above rumours and leaks are true, and which are not.

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