Apple TV 4K 3rd Gen launched in India with A15 chipset, HDR10+

Make way for the strongest Apple TV yet

Apple TV 4K 3rd Gen launched in India with A15 chipset, HDR10+

Deemed more powerful, entertaining and affordable than ever, Apple unveiled the next-gen Apple TV 4K with a host of additions. One of the big changes is the A15 chipset under the hood, which promises elevated performance and fluid gameplay.

The tech giant has equipped its 3rd Gen Apple TV 4K with HDR10+ alongside Dolby Vision, meaning you can view more content in HDR than before. The device runs tvOS, and using the Siri Remote, you can expect handpicked content based on your preferences and voice commands.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about integration as the Apple TV 4K connects seamlessly with your iOS devices and provides convenience every step of the way. It can also double up as a Smart Home Hub and help in connecting HomeKit cameras, lights, shades, and more, allowing you to monitor and control your smart home while away. It also makes for a crucial building block for ‘Matter’, a new smart home connectivity standard that promotes a diverse range of accessories to work together across platforms without a hassle. So, whether it is Apple Music, Apple Arcade or Apple Fitness, you can be sure of smooth connectivity from within the comfort of your home.

Lastly, the new Apple TV 4K also reflects the tech giant’s efforts to minimise its impact on the environment. It now utilises 30% less power consumption than its predecessor without compromising on its performance, moving the brand one step closer to its goal of turning 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

The new-gen Apple TV 4K is available in two variants, a Wi-Fi-only variant with 64GB of storage and a Wi-Fi + Ethernet variant with 128GB. They are priced at Rs 14,900 and Rs 16,900, respectively.

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