Avoid these things to prevent warranty claim rejections

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Avoid these things to prevent warranty claim rejections

Ever wondered what a warranty period is when buying a product? If your luck favours, your appliance or gadget will run seamlessly, but if it breaks down within the warranty period, you cannot expect unconditional repair or replacements. 

Warranty claims are not always straightforward, and one wrong move from your end can lead to the rejection of your warranty claim. To avoid this scenario, let’s delve into the common pitfalls and steps that you can take to prevent warranty claim rejection. 

1. Careful appliance installation

One of the primary reasons for warranty claim rejection is improper installation or installations by third-party vendors. Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners need to be installed by manufacturer-approved professionals.

Any DIY or third-party assistance will lead to warranty rejection. After buying a product online or from a store, wait for the professionals to come to your home and set up the appliance.

2. Avoid DIY setup

If you are considering a DIY installation, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer guidelines in the manual because any deviations can lead to warranty void. That said, we would strongly advise against any DIY sessions, and instead rely on the manufacturers. 

3. Up-to-date product documentations

Your documentation journey starts right from the product purchase. If your appliance requires a manufacturer installation, ask for the online or printed receipt, which will be a further reference to your appliance maintenance services that fall within the warranty period. Right from installation and periodic maintenance to repair and replacements, keep a record of all the documents.

4. Timely registration

While the dealer registers some products that you purchase from the store with the authorised stamp and signature, there are products that need a DIY registration, especially if bought online.

Don’t delay and register your purchased products as soon as you buy them by visiting their official website. Do not forget to note the registration number and save a copy of the warranty certificate if issued online.

5. Avoid unauthorised modifications

If there is any malfunction in your electronics, don’t get tempted by the idea of going to the local store and getting it repaired to save time. It might save you time but will pour your warranty claims down the sink. Always go to authorised service centres for replacements and repairs or to find the spares.  

To keep your expensive purchases protected, we recommend investing in ZipCare’s Extended Warranty plans. They provide enhanced coverage, original spares, and authorised service at your doorstep. 

Safeguarding your warranty claim is not rocket science, but it requires diligence and awareness. By ensuring the above measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of warranty claims denial.

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