Own a tablet? Here are the top tips to protect it when outdoors

Keeping your tablet safe when on the move

Own a tablet? Here are the top tips to protect it when outdoors

Tablets are more than just large-screen smartphones. For many users tablets are the door to education, entertainment and even field work. However, like most electronics, tablets too are not impervious to damage when not taken care of. Whether you have a budget Android tablet, an expensive iPad, or anything in between, here are the best practices to follow when your tablet is outside the comforts of your room.

6 ways to protect your tablets 

Use a screen protector

The most important part of a tablet is the display, and it is no good if it is cracked, has dead spots or stops responding. Display panel replacements can also be one of the most expensive repairs for your tablet. To protect your display from mishaps, invest in a good quality screen protector that can take impacts on the behalf of your precious display panel.  

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Keep away from direct heat or sunlight

Direct sunlight and other sources of heat like that from home appliances should be kept away from your tablet. As a device with complex circuitry and a battery in it, you should always ensure that no external heat is being transferred to the tablet’s body. For some devices this may also mean not using your tablet when charging it, if you see a sudden rise in temperature while doing this.  

Keep water and other liquids at bay

Like your smartphones, your tablets are also not great at handling water and other liquids if they get inside the body. While some devices may have IP rating certifications for protection against water ingress, others may not.  

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Regardless, it is a good idea to always keep tablets away from liquids, and to be extra careful when using a tablet near water bodies like the pool or a beach. If you’re travelling to an area with high humidity, also consider investing in a protective airtight pouch.  

Own a tablet? Here are the top tips to protect it when outdoors

Get an extended warranty

Not all tablet problems can be blamed on outdoor elements. Tablets may also see manufacturing-side defects. While brand warranties take care of any such instances for the first year, most manufacturing issues will pop up in later years of usage, when internal components have gone through a significant amount of wear and tear. To prevent costly repairs when this happens, consider getting an extended warranty like Croma’s ZipCare Protect plans, which are a great idea if you want to use the device for a long time or sell it in the future.  

Use a case or a sleeve

Protecting your tablet from impacts is as necessary as protecting it from dust or water. Impacts can range from the tablet taking a hit when in your bag or dropping it somewhere. The sudden shocks can break or chip certain parts of the outer body, but also permanently damage internal components. To avoid this, check if your tablet model has protective cases available. You can also consider investing in bags with a tablet pouch or simply use a small laptop sleeve to store the device.  

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Protect the tablet from dust

Outdoor environments are notorious for dust, and these tiny particles can be pretty much invisible to the human eye until they start accumulating in one spot. If that spot happens to be inside your tablet, it could also mean damage and the need for costly repairs. Always keep your tablet away from dusty areas to prevent this. You can also invest in cases and dust plugs that cover the ports, or when in a pinch, simply tape any openings on the tablet when in a dusty area.  

These are the best ways to keep your tablet safe and sound, and ensuring it works at its best whether it’s indoors or outdoors.  

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