How to wash silk sarees and clothes in a washing machine?

Give your silk sarees the royal treatment they deserve

How to wash silk sarees and clothes in a washing machine?

If you are someone who cherishes clothes, you know how valuable silk garments are especially. Women love their silk sarees, and can be very emotional about them. After all, some of these sarees have been passed on for generations. This is why women are wary of washing their silk sarees and dresses in washing machines. Most prefer to get them dry-cleaned. But silk garments can be washed in a washing machine. But what are the proper steps to wash your silk clothes in a machine? Is it absolutely safe? You do not want any accidents to happen and ruin your clothes.

Can silk clothes be machine washed?

Silk clothes can be washed in the washing machine, but before you do, always read the care label to know if machine wash is actually recommended. If it’s dry clean only, then it should not be machine washed. Washing your silk clothes requires special care. It cannot be washed like your normal cotton clothes. One main thing to be kept in mind is that silk bleeds and one must always be careful about it. If your silk bleeds, then you must dry clean it.

How to wash your silk clothes in the machine?

Soak: Soak your silks in cold water. To remove odour and alkali traces, you can mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with the water.

Machine wash: Your silk clothes must be turned inside out and placed in a mesh laundry bag. The mesh bag provides extra protection. You could also use a pillowcase. The machine setting is the most important part. You should make sure to select the delicate cycle on your machine. The spin must be kept on low, and water temperature must not be above 30 degrees. The clothes must be removed immediately after the cycle or they might get wrinkled.

Drying: Hang the clothes in their natural shape to dry. Never wring our silks or put them in the dryer. To remove excess water, you could put your clothes on a dry towel and gently blot them. Also never put your silk to dry in direct sunlight. It can fade the colour. Then steam it to remove wrinkles.

Washing your silk clothes requires more care than washing your cotton clothes. You can definitely wash them in the machine, but if you are still doubtful then send them for dry cleaning. It is definitely worth investing in a mesh wash for machine washing your silks. They will protect your clothes. Always remember to select a delicate cycle and choose cold water to wash your clothes. Post-washing, hang your silk clothes in your closet.

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