3 most common desktop problems and how to solve them

It’s not the end of the world

3 most common desktop problems and how to solve them

Your PC is probably one of your most important devices, and like any piece of technology, it too can face issues. While some can be unique to your device, most issues are fairly common, which also means you can troubleshoot them at your end without rushing to call an expert. Here are three of the most common issues faced by desktop computers, and easy solutions for them.

3 most common desktop problems and solutions

Slow system

The most common problem people have with their system is that after a point it runs slow. There can be numerous causes for this. This slowdown usually refers to how long it takes to start the computer or launch applications. This may even result in input lag between what you type on the keyboard and what shows up on the screen in rare circumstances.

A slowdown could mean that one or more few programmes on your computer are consuming excessive RAM, hard disc space, or CPU resources. In such a case, the OS will have trouble keeping up, and this results in a slowdown.

The Task Manager is a quick way to identify which software is hogging resources. There is a tab labelled “Performance” at the top, which helps you monitor the applications. Here, you can stop the unnecessary programmes from running in the background.

PC doesn’t turn on 

If your computer doesn’t turn on, it does not mean that your computer is dead and needs replacing. There are several reasons why desktop computers and laptops might not switch on. Do not panic if you hit the power button to start your PC and nothing happens. Before hitting the power or reset button once more, keep in mind to give the computer a minute to turn on entirely.

Most computers will prevent themselves from turning on if there is any damage to the charger or internal battery to prevent the faulty equipment from inflicting any further harm. When it’s safe to do so, you can shut down the system, unplug it, and then try to turn it off again after removing the battery. If this fix resolves the issue, your battery will probably need to be replaced.

Noise from the computer

There are two potential reasons why your computer is making strange noises. The first reason is a noisy CPU or GPU cooling fan, which is easily replaceable or upgraded. Examine your core and GPU temperatures to see which of the two is the problem. The second explanation could be a hardware issue. You should back up your files for security reasons since hard drives typically make some noise before malfunctioning.

These are the most common issues when it comes to your computer. Sometimes you simply need to restart your computer and sometimes you need to do more. But if you have tried everything, then it is time to take your desktop to the technician. Note that you should always go to an authentic company technician as they’ll give you genuine parts in case something needs to be repaired or replaced.

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