MWC 2023: What to expect at the tech expo this year

New concept phones, 5G tech and more

MWC 2023: What to expect at the tech expo this year

Mobile World Congress 2023 or MWC 2023, is the next big expo in the tech world. Just around the corner, the four-day event is set to kick off from February 27 in Barcelona, Spain and will go on till March 2. Expected showcases during this period include new smartphones, accessories and more. With less than a week left before the party starts, here’s what we expect to see during the event.

OnePlus concept phone

OnePlus is known to occasionally drop new concept phones at tech expos, and it looks like we could soon be looking at a new one next week. As per multiple reports, OnePlus could be showing off a new OnePlus 11-series concept phone at MWC 2023. The news comes amidst reports of the company working on its first foldable smartphone, which may be called the V-series.

There are no further confirmed details on the new device just yet but based on the brand’s past concept devices including a phone with a colour-changing back or another with a vanishing camera module, we wouldn’t blame you for expecting something out of the box.

Realme to announce world’s fastest charging phone

Realme is set to showcase the Realme GT 3 at MWC 2023, and the successor to the flagship GT 2 series is set to be the world’s fastest charging phone. As per an IE report, the Realme GT 3 is set to come with 240W charging support.

The device is set to be powered by last year’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, so assuming it does hit the markets this year, it may end up being more affordable than most Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship phones.

Xiaomi flagship phone with Dynamic Island-inspired notch

Xiaomi is expected to come up with a few new launches at MWC 2023. This includes the upcoming Xiaomi 13 flagship device, which is set to be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and comes with a 1-inch camera sensor, something we saw last year with the China-exclusive Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Additionally, Xiaomi is reportedly planning to showcase a new Xiaomi phone that could sport a new notch style inspired by Apple’s Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro series. This device may be called the Xiaomi 13 Lite and while its availability in the global market remains a mystery for now, we may have additional details during the event.

Other expected products

There are a number of other announcements and showcases expected during the four-day event. These include a pair of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and a new glass-less 3D tablet from Nubia, a new range of folding smartphones from Honor and a look at new 5G technologies from Samsung.

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