What is AppleCare and why you may need it

The protection your Apple products deserve

What is AppleCare and why you may need it

If there’s one thing Apple products have been known for, it’s their premium nature. Whether it’s the AirPods series of wireless earbuds, the iPhone range for all kinds of smartphone users, or the MacBooks that creators will swear by, Apple products have always maintained an aura of power and elegance. However, this also makes Apple’s products very expensive for most users – in both purchase and repairs. That is where AppleCare comes in.  

AppleCare is Apple’s own service and extended warranty wing, which helps users get priority in technical support. Then there’s also the AppleCare+ plans, which can help you from emptying your pockets on repairs of Apple products. These can be major money-savers in unfortunate events like water damage, accidental impact, and more.  

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How much do AppleCare+ plans cost?

AppleCare+ plans can be purchased for nearly all the Apple products. Both the prices and validity of your AppleCare+ plans will depend on the product you’ve purchased. You can check the Apple India website for more details or refer to the table below for details.  

What is AppleCare and why you may need it

How is AppleCare+ different from the product warranty?

The warranty you get when you purchase any Apple product, is what’s called the brand warranty. This warranty plan is provided with most tech products free of cost. These plans will often be valid for a fixed amount of time from the date of purchase and will cover the products from any manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. This warranty will not cover accidental damage caused due to drops, spills or any other similar problems. 

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The AppleCare+ plan, on the other hand, adds unlimited incidents of accidental damage. For an iPhone user, what this means is that should their phone meet with an accident, AppleCare+ users only need to pay a service fee, instead of the complete cost of repair, which would be much higher. Everything above this amount will be covered by your AppleCare+ plan.  

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