10 MS Office features to look out for

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10 MS Office features to look out for

All of us, at some point or the other have been buried under a ton of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word documents at work. Regardless of your company or industry, we bet you use at least one MS office application on your laptop, if not more, on a daily basis. The skill to maneuver around MS Office, which when used right, can do just about anything for you, is a must-know skill today. And so, we’ve brought for you a list of new MS Office suite features you may want to check out, since they might come in handy for you.

10 MS Office features you should know about

Real-time co-authoring: Real-time co-authoring was introduced on Word back in 2019, and is now available on Excel and PowerPoint. It is important to note however, that real-time co-authoring will work in all three applications only as long as the documents you are collaborating on are stored in OneDrive.

Integration with Microsoft Teams: With Office 2021, you can chat and video from directly within Office. Teams has been built into Windows 11. However, with Office 2021, one will be able to use it on Windows 10 and macOS as well.

XLOOKUP: This exciting Excel feature allows you to quickly find things in a table or range. That is to say, you can look in one column for a particular search term, and also return results for the same row in another column, regardless of which side the return column is on.

Inking support: With the revamped version of MS Office, it has become considerably easier to take handwritten notes and annotations. The improved functionality is from both, the stylus and touchscreen medium. The updated inking tools on MS Office include a range of pens, highlighters, and other markers, giving you the ability to take down, erase, edit and reformat handwritten notes as per your liking.

Improved Powerpoint animations: MS Office suite now includes a ton of new features for PowerPoint, which include newer transition effects, and the ability to add and customise animations for individual objects. There are improved record and slideshow capabilities, including present or video monitoring, ink recording, and laser pointer recording.

Improved email management: Outlook now has an improved search bar, referred to as Instant Search. It also gets the ability to translate messages into more than 70 languages. Furthermore, Outlook can now use ink to annotate email messages.

OneNote: It is now a whole lote easier to create and organise digital notebooks on OneNote. There’s also the ability to add and customise tags and embed audio and video in your notes.

Enhanced security: Along with newer functionalities, MS Office also comes with enhanced security features to help protect your data and keep your documents safe. These include password protection, data encryption, and the ability to set access permissions for shared documents.

Improved integration: It is now easier than ever before to integrate with other applications in the Microsoft ecosystem. Improved integration with other with products such as Azure, Windows, and Dynamic 365 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Improved accessibility: Inclusiveness is a priority for everyone these days, and it is no different for Microsoft. With Office, you get features to make it easier for users with disabilities to use the application, including improved support for screen reader, the ability to customise the interface, and more.

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