What are the pros and cons of frost-free refrigerators?

Buying a frost-free refrigerator? We help you make an informed choice

What are the pros and cons of frost-free refrigerators?

With the help of technology, manual tasks have long been automated, which is good for our fast-paced lives. One such tech is the frost-free feature on new-age refrigerators. They do not let ice buildup on the walls of the fridge, and also make the task of manual defrosting redundant. So, does it mean you should immediately get rid of your current refrigerator for a frost-free variant? Here’s a guide that should help you make an informed decision.


Advantages of a frost-free refrigerator

No ice buildup on the walls

Frost-free refrigerators come with a built-in heating coil that heats up the fridge every six hours. A sensor inside then turns off this coil just as the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius. This process doesn’t let ice accumulate inside the fridge and thus, there’s no need for manual defrosting.

Low Maintenance

Frost-free technology is low maintenance, which is a big advantage. There is no need to defrost the fridge which is both labour-intensive and time-consuming. With frost-free unit, once a year cleaning of the storage area is more than enough.

No frost damages

Traditional refrigerators accumulated ice not just in the freezer, but also on the food. The ice buildup on food can ruin its taste and texture, stripping it of its nutrients. With frost-free tech, food can be stored for a longer time without losing its nutritional value.

Built-in thermostat

Frost-free refrigerators also come with a built-in thermostat. Traditional refrigerators didn’t allow users to control their temperature, but with the new-age models, users can monitor and control the temperature of the fridge. This allows consistent temperature and humidity in the fridge, making food last longer.

Storage space

Frost-free technology is usually found in double-door refrigerators. A double door receiver has about 50-650 litres of capacity. It gives you a huge storage space to store all your needs. You won’t have to discard leftover food just because there’s no space in the fridge. A double door fridge is suitable for a big family.

Disadvantages of a frost-free refrigerator


These refrigerators are on the costlier side when compared to a traditional refrigerator. They use technology that is more expensive, and they also tend to be double-door fridges, making them more expensive.

Consumes more energy

They also consume more energy than traditional refrigerators. They have an inbuilt heating coil which prevents ice buildup in the freezer. As the heat coil periodically turns on and off, it consumes more electricity. Thus, your electricity bill may see a bit of a hike than usual.


These refrigerators are a little louder than traditional refrigerators since they operate with a constantly working fan. Therefore, its operation is a bit noisier.

Drying out food

A frost-free refrigerator goes through temperature changes to avoid ice buildup. This affects food and causes it to dry out leading to food wastage.

While choosing a new refrigerator, consider giving the frost-free technology a thought. The pros outweigh the cons. If you’re on a budget, then traditional refrigerators are the best choice. However, another thing to consider is that traditional refrigerators may soon become obsolete. Frost-free refrigerators are setting new industry standards, hence finding parts and components of the old unit may become impossible in the near future. This is something to keep in mind while buying a new refrigerator.

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