What is a gimbal?

It is a selfie stick, but also so much more than that

What is a gimbal?

Who doesn’t like to shoot viral-worthy videos for their social channels? In this quest to garner more views and likes, the videos we shoot need to be of a quality that catches attention. While a camera is important, it is equally important to pair it with the right equipment, for instance a gimbal. So, what is a gimbal? And why is it important for shooting videos? Well, read on to find out.

What is a gimbal?

A gimbal is primarily a support meant for a phone or a camera that allows you to rotate any object around an axis. When you want to record moving objects or take steady pictures of moving things around you, that is when you use a gimbal. These vary in size and feature list.

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While a beginner gimbal may only have one axis about which you can rotate your camera, top-notch gimbals tend to have up to three. The main axis helps in taking vertical shots by allowing upward and downward movements, while the others are meant for horizontal shots and more angles.

Top features of a gimbal

1. Gimbal gives you the freedom to suspend your camera the way you want without fearing for the safety of your camera. You can shoot a moving bus or the tallest building in your town with the right gimbal.

2. Gimbals come in a range of options, including handheld, triple axis gimbals, two-handed gimbals, and more.

3. A gimbal is much like a camera stabiliser, but it is a far better option. Not only is the gimbal based around the newest technologies, but it also is lightweight and easy to carry.

Gimbals are an important part of cinematography, but with the social media boom they have become more affordable and accessible. You can head over to croma.com to shop for gimbals like the DJI Osmo 6 , Hohem Gimbal, and the Zhiyun SMOOTH-X Gimbal to name a few.

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