How to shoot timelapse videos on a phone?

It's not as difficult as it looks

How to shoot timelapse videos on a phone?

If you regularly watch YouTube videos or Instagram Reels, then you must have come across Timelapse videos. It is made by speeding up a slow video. It is basically a long video which has been sped up to make it short. Popular timelapse videos include sunsets, traffic, art process or a project you’ve been working on. Stunning time lapse videos can be created with just your smartphone.

A lot of people don’t know this but you do not need to record the entire thing. Apps for time lapse photography will periodically record brief clips and piece them together. The benefit of this approach is that you can avoid dealing with videos with enormous file sizes and lengths. However, you will need to keep your phone in one position while shooting.


What will you need to shoot a timelapse video?

This is a perfect opportunity to pull out an old phone that hasn’t been used in a while because you’ll need to keep it in a quiet place. Using it, you can continue to record the timelapse video while not being without a phone. Naturally, you’ll want a phone with a good camera, but unless you’re extremely serious, don’t try to film in 4K. You’ll also require a tripod to shoot a video for that long. A timelapse app is the most crucial item you’ll require. On certain smartphones, the default camera app comes with a timelapse capability. Otherwise, you can download third-party apps.

How to shoot a timelapse video?

The first thing you require to shoot a timelapse is a worthwhile topic for recording. In a timelapse video, anything that moves slowly will appear fantastic. This may include the movement of the clouds, the construction of a building, the setting sun, the growing of a plant or a pet etc.

The next thing you require is a secure location to set up your smartphone. The obvious option is to use a tripod with a phone mount or a gimbal to keep it steady. You also need to ensure there is enough storage available on your smartphone so you can get a memory card for the same.

You can change the pace and frame intervals in some apps. The period between each frame that is captured is called a frame interval. You should use shorter intervals for a brief recording. Longer intervals may be present in a longer recording. Moving clouds require a longer period, such as 4-7 seconds, but moving automobiles require a shorter interval, such as 0.5 seconds. For the best results, you’ll need to experiment with this.

To create a timelapse video with images, you will need to collect a large number of photographs of the same subject and combine them into a video using editing software. Image quality is the main benefit of creating a time lapse video in the traditional manner. High-resolution RAW photos are possible. It takes a lot of time, which is a drawback of this approach. To take each image, you must physically capture each of the shots.

If you need to use third-party apps, then you can use Lapse and Timelaps Pro for your iPhone, and Framelapse and Lapse It on your Android. After setting up the phone, all you need to do is hit record and wait. You should record for a considerable amount of time for the best results. It will be considerably more spectacular to watch the clouds move over the sky for 12 hours than for just one.

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