Apple iPhone 16 Ultra to join lineup

Apple’s first ‘Ultra’ smartphone may soon be a reality

Apple iPhone 16 Ultra to join lineup

The ‘Ultra’ moniker has been used by brands to name their top products before. Samsung’s top phone in each of the past few years has been the Ultra model, and Apple itself has an Ultra smartwatch, that is much more expensive and feature-packed than its vanilla Apple Watch Series 8. However, Apple’s popular iPhone series has for years been using the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ names for its top phones. That could change next year.

As per Bloomberg, the iPhone series could be getting an Ultra variant next year. This new Ultra iPhone is likely to be part of the iPhone 16 series, and also be the most expensive iPhone till date. The Ultra iPhone will not replace the Pro or Pro Max models, but instead come in as a new entry. This could point at Apple either launching five models in the iPhone series next year, or dropping one or more of the existing models like the iPhone 14 Plus. Of course, sales of the current 14 series and Apple’s 2023 iPhone 15 series could determine these changes.

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The report adds that Apple CEO Tim Cook shared with investors that people are ready to spend more on an iPhone variant for a premium experience. This suggests the iPhone 16 Ultra could be not just pricier than something like the iPhone 14 Pro Max , but could also feature a significantly different, more powerful set of specifications and features. This includes a larger and better display and a faster processor than the rest of the line-up. There have also been reports suggesting that the iPhone Ultra could also be the first iPhone to drop the charging port altogether for a new and improved MagSafe port.

Note that none of this has been confirmed publicly by Apple yet, so we suggest you take this information with a grain of salt and don’t start saving up for an iPhone Ultra just yet. The report also highlights that Apple may not be working on launching a foldable iPhone anytime soon, instead focussing its efforts on a larger-screen folding device that could be a part of the iPad or Mac lineup.

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