How to install and clean a window AC?

It’s tricky, but doable

How to install and clean a window AC?

Window ACs are some of the most simplistic air conditioners available on the market. Given how compact they are and how easy it is to operate them, you might have considered installing it on your own. While it is possible, it is not advisable. Despite this, if you still plan to go ahead with it, all you need is the right information, and proper guidance combined with a knack for handling simple tools.

How to install a window AC

1. Once you take the AC out of the box, you will notice a bracket/rail around the sides. It is sort of a marker to distinguish the front portion from the back.

2. Lift the AC carefully, and place it carefully on the window ledge. Don’t worry about placing it on the rails of the window frame.

3. Now slowly slide the AC out till the bottom rail of the AC sits perfectly on the bracket of the window.

4. Keep holding onto the AC. Now lower the window to a point where the upper lip/rail of the AC can rest its weight firmly against the window pane.

5. Now the AC is stabilised, so it is time to secure it on the outside brackets with screws.

6. Depending on the model and brand, you will also get two accordion-like extensions. These will help you cover the gaps between the AC and the window frames, in case you have any.

7. If installed properly, the AC will tip slightly to the outside. It will allow condensation to drip outside rather than inside your room.

Some Dos and Don’ts

1. Measure the height and width of your window opening and try to match it as closely as possible with the AC you are buying. It shouldn’t be too close a fit either.

2. It is recommended that you have at least one helper with you when installing. These ACs are heavy

3. Most window ACs run on normal house wiring and sockets. If it needs more load capacity and robust wiring, then you should hire an electrician to take care of it.

4. Install the window brackets on the frame of the window as well as mounting brackets outside the window wall. Make sure both the brackets are level and correctly placed. You may need to handle a power drill to screw them to the wall.

5. Do not leave gaps between the AC and the window. Cover them with insulation like foam or something.

6. Before trying to install, read the user’s manual to familiarise yourself with the AC and other fitments given in the box which you will use to install.

Steps to clean a window AC

It is slightly tricky to clean a window AC, especially the back portion. If you can’t access it on your own then you should consider hiring a professional. You’ll need to take the AC out of its housing and then clean it. Even though you know how to install a window AC, you might not want to do it frequently. What you can, do though is give a combination of surface cleanup along with cleaning the filter and cooling coil as well.

1. Before doing it, make sure you unplug the AC to be extra safe. You should go through the user manual and read about cleaning and maintenance.

2. You can buy a cleaning spray that is suitable for the plastic surfaces and use it on the exterior front panel. Also use a lint-free cloth to wipe it, which will make your AC look cleaner from the outside.

3. You can then remove the front panel of the AC to access the filter. This panel is mostly attached to the AC by little brackets which come off easily. You will either have to slide it up or down depending on the model to take it off.

4. You can put the filter directly under a running tap. Use a sponge and some mild cleaning agent like liquid soap to gently rub and clean.

5. Let the filter dry before putting it back on. You can shake the filter and pat it dry with a towel if necessary.

6. Behind the filter, you will see cooling coils. It will have dirt and dust. You can use a soft brush to comb out the dirt. Do it gently as these fins are delicate.

7. You can use either a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or an air blower to clean these fins.

8. Avoid using any liquid as much as possible. You can use anti-fungal spray on the coils but let it dry for around 20-30 minutes before putting back the filter and front panel.

9. Do not use any alcohol-based cleaning agent. Do not get any water on the electrical parts. Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back.

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