How to make your refrigerator more energy efficient?

You can not only contribute to the environment, but also save up on utility bills

How to make your refrigerator more energy efficient?

Refrigerators are on throughout the day. They consume more energy than any other appliances in your household. This higher energy consumption drives up your electricity bill as well. Below we discuss ways in which you can keep your fridge energy efficient.


Buy an energy efficient refrigerator

Buying an energy-efficient fridge is the first step to leading an energy-saving lifestyle. You can choose an energy-saving fridge by going through the omnipresent BEE label on top of the fridge. This label tells you the star ratings of the respective refrigerator. As the star ratings go up, the more energy you will save. Needless to say, a your five-star refrigerator is the most efficient of the lot.

Place the refrigerator away from heat sources

The location of your fridge is also important. You should not place it under direct sunlight or close to heat sources like a microwave oven, gas stove, or cooker. If the fridge is in close contact with an appliance like an oven, then the heat will enter the refrigerator. The compressor will again consume more energy to maintain the chilled temperature.

Avoid overfilling

Stuffing your fridge beyond its capacity blocks the circulation of cold air. This means the refrigerator consumes a lot of time and energy for the cooling process. We tend to put everything we eat in the refrigerator. But veggies like onions and garlic do not need cooling. Many of us have a habit of putting packets of biscuits and noodles in the refrigerator. These packages do not require cooling. If your fridge is filled beyond its capacity, then you can take out packets like these.

Store your food at room temperature

Putting hot food in the refrigerator will increase its temperature. The high temperature puts pressure on the fridge’s compressor to work harder, and it ends up consuming more energy than usual. Many nutritionists claim that putting your hot stew or curry in the fridge can cause a loss of nutrients. Hence, bring down your food or other items at room temperature before you put them in your refrigerator.

Cleaning at regular intervals

Cleaning your refrigerator will get rid of bad smells or stains and achieve better energy efficiency. You can easily spot dirt on the outer doors of your fridge and clean it. But we tend to overlook the back of the fridge. The coils in the back work towards cooling your refrigerator, and if they are covered with dirt, then it becomes harder for them to release heat. Make sure to wipe the dust gathered on coils with a coil brush.

Defrost regularly

Frost build-up in your freezer increases the workload on the compressor. It also shoots up your electricity bill. When the frost layer in your freezer is above one-fourth inch, you should defrost it immediately. Defrosting your fridge is pretty easy. You just have to press the centre of the temperature knob located outside your freezer. You have an option of manually defrosting the fridge as well. You only need to unplug the machine. This way your refrigerator does not have to work hard.

Keep the doors closed

When you keep your fridge open for a longer period, the heat from outside will enter. The refrigerator will then consume more electricity to cool down. You should open the fridge doors only when necessary. New-age refrigerators come with an alarm system that alerts you when the fridge remains open for a long time.

Energy-efficient appliances are the need of the hour. The above ways will help your refrigerator to last longer and work to its full potential.

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