How to prevent water damage from your washing machine

Putting all your water woes to rest

How to prevent water damage from your washing machine

Face it. None of us like doing laundry. It’s the one chore most of us shudder at the thought of having to do. Here’s where washing machines come in. A device that’s so common across households. However, as is true with any other appliance, a washing machine also requires regular care and maintenance. Without the same, it can also turn into a bane, owing to the extensive water damage it may cause to your homes, if neglected.

Fret not though, because we’ve brought for you a little checklist of things to do to avoid water damage to your homes from your washing machine.

Don’t overload your washing machine

The first and perhaps simplest step to avoiding catastrophic water damage from your washing machine is to not overload your machine, such that water doesn’t leak out of the machine’s door. Usually, it is recommended that only half to three-fourths of your washing machine be filled with clothes at any given point.

Purchase the right detergent

There are different detergents optimized for front and top loading machines. Using the wrong detergent can cause excessive foam and bubble build up, which can result in water overflowing as well. Always make sure you buy the detergent recommended for your machine, and also at the same time, the right kind, always.

preventing water damage from washing machine

Use water leak detection devices

These nifty little devices can alert you in case of any leakages from the washing machine, and in certain cases, also shut off the water supply to the device, thus helping minimise the risk of water damage to your home. Cheap and easy mostly with a DIY installation process, water leak detection devices make for a great investment along with your washing machine.

Replace your water supply and drain hoses every five years

Even though your washing machine’s water supply hose may look perfectly fine on the outside, they do tend to become brittle and crack on the inside after a few years. These cause them to leak, break, or sometimes even completely detach from their connectors, causing water to flood the room in which your washing machine is kept. Therefore, it is a good idea to change your water supply and drainage hoses periodically, preferably every five years.

Check for drainage issues

Water damage also occurs when your drainage pipe gets clogged, broken, or misaligned. Water tends to leak when the sewer line gets clogged and you don’t realise it until it’s too late. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for the same.

Check for leaks in the drum

Leaks may not necessarily always be external in your washing machine. Your washing machine’s drum tends to crack as it grows older, or even when the washing machine is frequently overloaded with clothes, or not allowed to run complete wash cycles. Check for the same internally as well, if you find your washing machine leaking water from anywhere.

To run checks on drainage issues and leakages, as well the functioning of water supply and drain hoses, consider purchasing a ZipCare plan for washing machines. Depending on the plan you choose, you can opt for basic function checks, panel checks cleaning of lint filters and detergent holders, and also a check on the water flow and drainage. The service also includes machine levelling as well as cleaing of the outer body and of the inner unit on an empty load. It can be purchased post expiry of the manufacturer warranty and has a service period of 12 months. Having an annual maintenance plan in place ensures your washing machine serves you for a longer time, with lesser hiccups or glitches.

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. The above are just a few basic ways, out of many more, you can ensure your home is protected against any water damage from your washing machine which ends up becoming time-consuming and a hassle to deal with, while also burning a deep hole in your pockets.

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