How to protect an air conditioner in winter?

A little bit of caution and care is all you need

How to protect an air conditioner in winter?

No matter where you live, ACs are primarily used in the summer seasons. And for the rest of the year, you don’t really need an AC as a fan or a cooler works adequately well. But, what happens to the AC when it’s not used for the majority of the year? ACs and their varied components are tough enough to withstand most weather changes, even the harsh winters. But places with extreme winter weathers will require a bit of caring, so let’s get into how you can protect your AC in winters.

How to protect your AC during winter

The main issue to worry about is protecting the outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and other necessary components. It is exposed to the weather extremities unlike the indoor unit, which stays safe and sound inside the room. This stays true for a split AC as well as the window AC. Here are a few things you can do to protect your AC in winters.

1. Consider buying a waterproof cover to protect the outdoor unit from corrosion.

2. If the outdoor unit is not covered properly or is prone to something falling on top of it then you can house it inside a plywood box from the top and both sides.

3. Cutting the power off and unplugging is another thing you can do. It is anyway a good practice to unplug electrical appliances around the house when they are not regularly used.

4. Modern ACs come with refrigerants that don’t freeze easily or even if they freeze, they can be unfrozen using counter methods. You can however use rubber insulation around the outdoor unit as an extra layer of protection.

5. Apart from actively doing things to prevent damage, you can routinely do an inspection after a heavy snowfall or, in general, after every other week to check for any damages and make sure the unit is fine.

While these steps certainly go a long way in keeping your AC protected, that doesn’t guarantee a lack of susceptibility to pre-existing manufacturing defects which may cause it to function improperly. Therefore, consider investing in an extended warranty plan for the same, such as Croma’s ZipCare Protect Advanced plans for ACs.

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