How to stop a washing machine from shaking and moving?

Not shaken nor stirred

How to stop a washing machine from shaking and moving?

Home appliances such as washing machines have many components under the hood working furiously so that the appliance can function normally. But if not placed properly, it could lead to the appliance vibrating or furiously shaking, which can result in internal components getting damaged. So if you notice your washing machine shaking and moving during a wash cycle, it is a major red flag. The good news is that, more often than not, it is easily fixable.

How to stop a washing machine from shaking and moving?

Balance the load

The balance of loads is important for top-loading washers, but even front-loading washers need a fairly balanced load to operate properly. In unbalanced drums, the fabric will wobble as the washer spins. The wobble causes an uneven centrifugal force that shakes the entire machine.

When loading a top-loading washer, make sure the fabric is evenly distributed around the centre column. Your best bet is to even out the load when using a front-load washer. Loads should be as complete as possible, and yet not full beyond acceptable levels.

Adjust the feet of the washing machine

If the problem persists, push down on each corner of the washer to check the balance. Wobbly washing machines indicate an unbalanced machine. The corners of these appliances can usually be raised or lowered using a set of four feet. In some washing machines, the feet are equipped with anti-vibration pads, while in others, they are simple metal feet, but the process remains the same for levelling a washing machine.

Level the floor

If the washing machine is still off balance, you may have to level the floor. A wooden platform placed below the machine will add some balance, and minimise vibrations.

Add anti-vibration pads

Using a washing machine mat or anti-vibration pads for the washer, can go a long way in minimising vibrations. The mats and pads come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so you can choose the one that best fits your machine. A washer mat is a thin piece of foam or fabric that sits under the machine to reduce vibrations. Similarly, anti-vibration pads reduce vibrations between the washer and the floor.

Dirty or clogged pump filter

Vibrations may also be caused by hard objects stuck inside the pump filter. The filter prevents foreign objects from entering the drain hose, such as buttons or coins. On your washing machine, it’s located in the bottom right corner.

The pump filter can be cleaned by opening the cover and exposing it. A small hose is usually attached behind the cover of some washing machine models to drain the filter’s water. In some cases, the water is just discharged when the filter is removed. Placing a bowl or some towels beneath the filter is a good idea in both cases.

Unplug the hose if you see one and wait for it to run for a while. Make sure the filter is free of dust, hair, and any foreign objects. Once that’s done, give it a good rinse. If the vibrations or shaking continue, it’s best to contact a professional to get it fixed.

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