How to wash shoes in a washing machine?

Here are some tips to keep in mind

How to wash shoes in a washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning clothes, we can’t imagine our lives without a washing machine. But can these machines also clean something that gets during dirty in day-to-day use – our shoes? The answer is not quite straightforward.

For starters, whether you can or cannot wash your shoes in a washing machine depends on the material/fabric of your shoe. The aftercare guide prescribed by the shoemaker is crucial to know the best way to maintain and upkeep them. As a general rule of thumb, it is safe to wash a shoe made with materials such as canvas, nylon, cotton and polyester. Shoes made of leather, faux leather, and suede among others shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine. Read on for a simple guide to washing your shoes in a washing machine.

Guide to washing shoes in a washing machine

1. Before you start washing shoes in a washing machine you need to spot clean them and scrub the dirt with a brush and soapy water.

2. Put a few tablespoons of baking soda into the inside of each shoe and leave them overnight to rid them of any odour.

3. Remove the shoelaces and insoles. Put the shoe inside a microfiber mesh bag along with the insoles and laces.

4. If the machine’s load capacity is large, then add a few small dry towels of the same colour as the shoes inside the washing tub to prevent them from moving vigorously.

5. The rest of the step is pretty similar to washing regular clothes.

6. Let the washing tub fill 2/3rd of its capacity.

7. Add appropriate detergent directly into the water in case you have a semi-automatic washing machine or put it in the relevant tray if you have a fully-automatic machine.

8. Decide the wash/spin cycle as well as the intensity. It is recommended to use cold wash with a delicate setting to prevent damage to the structural integrity as well as the colour.

9. Do not dry them inside the machine as the heat can damage the colour, fabric as well as overall structure of the shoes.

10. Air dry them. Take them out of the washer and let it get dry in a semi-shaded area.

This is a fairly general guide, a few things might be different depending on your machine’s settings but the logic remains the same. You just need to determine an appropriate wash cycle time.

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