5 must-have apps for your new iPhone

Productivity at a whole new level

5 must-have apps for your new iPhone

It’s been two weeks since Apple first unveiled the new iPhone 15 series at its Wonderlust event. However, the hype around the phone doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Naturally so, owing to its upgraded hardware as well as the neat iOS 17 tricks it has up its sleeve.  While one may think that that should suffice, we think otherwise. Read on.

5 must-have apps for your iPhone

Apple’s App Store hosts nearly two million apps. And we have a list of some you must have on your new iPhone to add to your user experience. Check them out.  

1. 1Password: Password keeper for iPhone 

We end up engaging with multiple applications and websites on an everyday basis. Many of these contain their personal data and therefore require passwords. These passwords, as well as all your data, including card details, profile information, and a ton more, are all stored for you by 1Password. The best thing is that there will only be one password that you need to remember to log in. Even better, you can log in using a fingerprint or face scan if your iPhone has Touch ID or Face ID. 

2. Evernote: The note-taking app 

Evernote allows you to take notes, bookmark websites, and keep track of projects. The subscription edition helps you organise notes, make reminders, and sync information across different devices, whereas the free version offers all the fundamental functions you need. It has a simple user interface that is easy to understand. You can also integrate Evernote with Outlook and your Google Drive to further enhance your experience. 

3. DigiLocker: Secured home for important documents 

The Indian government’s flagship effort, Digital India, includes DigiLocker as one of its core initiatives. DigiLocker provides a cloud account to a user who holds an Aadhar card.  

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Legal documents from the original issuers of these credentials, including driving licenses, car registrations, academic mark sheets, and more, are available in digital format through this cloud account. In this application, the account holder gets 1GB of cloud storage to upload any kind of scanned copy of a legal document. 

4. Streaks: The habit-tracking app 

Streaks app helps you form a habit, and you get to track your daily or weekly habits on it. Whenever you complete a task, you tap on it to mark it as complete. For instance, if you create a habit of taking a walk twice a day, you can tap it twice to mark once it is complete. While Streaks lets you create your tasks, it also has built-in common habits, such as taking a shower or working out, which you can opt for. You can view which tasks are remaining for the day, in-progress tasks, and completed tasks. Additionally, the Streaks app can be incorporated into your Apple Watch as well. 

5. Dropbox: For all your storage needs 

Dropbox is the best when it comes to keeping crucial documents nearby without using up space on your iPhone. Anything may be stored and shared, including movies, music, images, PDFs, and e-books, all without giving access to your account. Everyone who has access to the Internet can use Dropbox, thanks to its cross-platform compatibility. Get this app if you have a Dropbox account. However, bear in mind that storage expansions will be chargeable based on the plan you pick.  

There are many more apps on the App Store that will take your iPhone experience to the next level. These are just a few recommendations from our end. We hope you find this helpful. 

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