6 hacks to help free yourself of cable clutter

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  • Atreya Raghavan
  • Last Updated on Dec 07, 2022
6 hacks to help free yourself of cable clutter

Those who don’t travel often might not realise how much preparation and planning goes into it. And one of the most crucial prior planning is packing correctly for a vacation. Besides the usual suspects such as your clothing and toiletries, in this digital age, you also need to think about what devices you need to carry.

With the devices comes the additional baggage to carry their chargers which in itself feels like a burden. Bearing in mind how Independence Day is approaching, we thought we’d put together this little list of trade secrets employed by those who travel frequently, and free yourself from the shackles of cables as far as is possible.

Top 6 tips to keep in mind to reduce cable clutter when travelling

1. Less is more

When travelling, you shouldn’t be packing for rare occasions like “what if”. Rather you should pack only those electronics which are absolute essentials. A rule of thumb to gauge the importance of a device is to ask yourself whether you are going to use it daily or not. If the answer is not conclusive yes then you might want to reconsider. The fewer electronics you pack the less you have to worry about.

2. Universal adapters

Every traveller should have a good quality universal adapter. This will eliminate the need for you to buy dedicated chargers if the power outlet sockets are different. A universal charger will save you a lot of money as well as the worry of carrying extra cables for sure.

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3. Power bank

Almost all of our electronics have a rechargeable battery. The more devices you carry the more charger you need to carry. Instead of carrying different chargers, just take a power bank that can be used to charge most of your devices on the go. It will also come in handy if you don’t have an access to a conventional power outlet.

4. USB Type-C

USB-C is rapidly becoming a standard for charging. You can make sure that all the devices you are packing support USB-C charging. If not, you can get a USB-C hub. It will help you to connect all types of ports at one end and the other end will have USB-C. In this way, you can carry just one charging brick and no other charging cable.

5. Travel Bag

It’s not just about packing light but packing right as well. Decluttering also involves organising your essentials in a way it is easily accessible. There are many travel bagsavailable dedicatedly for electronics. It will help you keep things organised. It will also keep things safe. use smaller bags to store cables and other small attachments securely within this bag.

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6. Audio solution

Nobody likes to travel without a pair of good earphones/ headphones. For this, you can carry TWS earphones which will eliminate additional wires to carry. If you have certain phones then you can charge them by simply placing them at the back of the phone. It is called reverse wireless charging.

There are other things you can do to make sure that you carry as less cable as possible. For instance, carrying a charged trimmer and leaving the charger, sharing the charger if you aren’t travelling alone, etc.

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