Why does your refrigerator rust on the outside?

Know how to protect your refrigerator from the scourge called rust

Why does your refrigerator rust on the outside?

Rust on a refrigerator is not very uncommon, and it is for this reason, many might ignore it. But that by doing so, you’re putting your trust old appliance in danger of more rust and weakening of its structure. There are many reasons why rust forms on our refrigerator, and below we discuss these scenarios.

What causes the rust outside your fridge?

Over the years, with regular wear and tear, you will notice rust forming on the outer body of the refrigerator. But there are also other reasons like your location, how you clean your fridge and your refrigerator’s insulation that contribute to rust.

Your refrigerator is not coated properly

A refrigerator not being insulated or coated properly is one of the reasons why moisture makes a home inside your refrigerator’s metal exterior. Most of the time this poor coating is due to faulty manufacturing. You can fix this by adding a coat of paint over rust stains.

You live in a humid area

Living in a humid area means there is moisture in the air. The moisture comes in contact with the fridge’s metal exterior and oxidises. This results in the formation of rust.

Not cleaning your refrigerator in a proper way

To clear any stains or dust, we almost always use water. After cleaning our refrigerator doors, we do not bother drying them. This leads to rusting due to the iron particles in the water which remained on the fridge.

It’s strange but true that fridge magnets too contribute to rust. Ever notice how over time rust rings form around the space where the magnet comes in contact with the fridge’s body.

How to get rid of rust on your fridge?

The common practice to remove rust on your refrigerator is to put a coat of paint on it. But the rusting eventually comes through the paint. That’s why we need to think of ways to remove the rust on the fridge first.

Try a paste of baking soda and water to scrub the rust stains off. There are many cleaning liquids available in the market for specific metals like stainless steel. You can try them to wipe off the rust.

If you cannot remove the rust on your own, then get help from technicians.

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