Why is my phone getting hot?

The causes and solutions to overheating phones

Why is my phone getting hot?

A modern smartphone with all its processing power tends to get hot sometimes. While it is not an uncommon phenomenon, an overheating phone can be a precursor to other more serious problems. There are various reasons why a phone heats up, and below we list out a few of the common ones.

Common reasons why mobile phones overheat

Excessive usage: Playing graphics-intensive games or using the phone’s camera for long periods of time can cause overheating. Your mobile phone’s processor will work continuously when it is used intensively or non-stop, resulting in a lot of heat. Basically, anything that uses a lot of processing power will heat up your mobile phone.

Faulty battery: The temperature of mobile phones can rise to levels that are dangerous if they are equipped with damaged or non-compatible batteries. Similarly, phones can heat up if the battery is charged using third-party chargers. Physical damage to batteries can also cause severe heating, potentially leading to blowing up.

Internal damage: Dropping your phone may not always show external damage, but that doesn’t mean there is no internal damage. Short circuits are often caused by impact damage, allowing parts of your phone to run, but at the expense of excessive heating.

Buggy software: There are times when a phone can heat up due to a buggy software. Such bugs can cause apps to run on loop, consuming too much memory, which in turn causes more heat to be generated. Therefore, apps should only be installed from official app stores.

Older hardware: An older phone is likely to overheat due to its hardware, especially its processor. When the thermal paste on the phone wears off over time, the processor becomes less efficient at cooling, causing it to overheat.

Why is my phone getting hot?

7 tips to avoid phone overheating

Use less power: Make sure you take frequent breaks to keep your phone’s battery and temperature at a reasonable level.

Reduce screen brightness: Lowering the brightness of your phone’s screen will reduce battery drain and eye strain.

Restart your phone: In cases of minor software glitches, restarting your phone helps prevent overheating.

Fully close apps: It is harder for your phone to perform when you have many apps open at once. Don’t leave apps open after you’re done with them.

Battery Saver mode: Battery Saver mode on your phone disables location services and background data while limiting power consumption to prolong battery life and cool your phone.

Remove malware: You can improve your phone’s performance and reduce its temperature by scanning for and removing malware.

See a professional: You might need to replace the battery if all these tips didn’t work. Consult a reputable repair shop about diagnosing the issue or getting a new battery if necessary.

If your phone overheats regularly, it can cause irreversible damage. The first step to preventing overheating in the future is to identify and fix the problem if your phone is getting hot. Although your phone might work perfectly fine, you should still follow the above tips.

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