5 hacks for Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to keep in mind

Level up your creativity with these nifty hacks!

5 hacks for Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to keep in mind

If you use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro on a day-to-day basis on your laptop, there’s nothing like being well-versed with a couple of hacks that can help balance your workflow. They are not just handy but will also make things easier for you. So, whether you’re an illustrator or a professional video editor, you might want to check these out. Let’s jump in:

Top 5 hacks for Adobe Photoshop:

1. Keyboard shortcuts: Knowing the crucial and often-used keyboard shortcuts on Photoshop will greatly improve your speed and workflow. For instance, pressing “C” selects the crowd tool, “V” is for selecting the move tool, and “B” for the brush tool. And while these are just a handful, there are several more you can learn to significantly increase your editing speed.

2. Camera Raw filter: It is a powerful tool that lets you adjust the colour and tonality of an image. If used in the right way it can help correct exposure and colour balance and create effects without destroying the image.

3. Clone Stamp tool: One of the niftiest tools to know about is the stamp tool that lets you remove blemishes or distractions from photos. The clone Stamp tool allows you to “clone” a portion of an image and paint it over another part of the image.

4. Healing brush: Unlike clone Stamp, a healing brush can be specifically used to remove skin blemishes and smooth them. The healing brush is way more advanced than the Clone stamp, as it can automatically blend the cloned area with the surrounding pixel for a more natural look. Even the most novice users can use this for better effect.

5. Perspective warp: As you become more skilful, a Perspective warp can help you change the perspective of an image. It allows you to adjust the perspective by warping it in different directions. This tool can come in handy, especially for correcting distorted perspectives or can be used creatively to give a unique look.

5 hacks for Adobe Premiere Pro:

1. Export settings: Premiere Pro has a wide range of export settings to optimise your video for different platforms. You can choose different settings according to the different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or others, to ensure that your video looks best on each platform. This is simply a way to optimise the video according to the requirements of the platform.

2. Audio mixers to balance audio levels: Even the best video won’t feel good if the audio is a little wonky. The audio mixer allows you to adjust the audio levels of individual tracks or clips, giving you better control and flexibility. It can help balance the audio level and achieve clear and natural sound.

3. Colour grading: This is perhaps the most crucial part of any video editing. If done right, it can do wonders. If not, it can ruin the video. Premiere Pro has a powerful colour grading tool that can correct colour balance, adjust contrast, and provide creative effects as well. It will help you achieve the desired look and feel of the finished video you have in mind.

4. Multicam editing: In today’s age when the attention span is low, you need to create engaging and dynamic videos, and this Multicam editing feature of Premiere Pro comes in handy. It allows you to edit multiple camera angles in real time for weaving an engaging video.

5. Keyboard shortcuts: Another handy hack to keep it at your disposal is memorising the keyboard shortcuts. There are plenty of shortcuts that are universal among other editing tools as well, so these will help you across platforms. For instance, pressing “V” will select the move tool, and pressing “D” will select the default audio transition.

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