AMD Ryzen processors: Which one’s the best for you?

A little Ryzen 101 for those new to the AMD family

AMD Ryzen processors: Which one’s the best for you?

So, you’re in the market looking for a new desktop/laptop with processors which can keep up with the endless spreadsheets and decks for work, as well as handle a spot of gaming thrown in now and then. Well, have you checked out AMD’s Ryzen processor line-up? No?

Similar to Intel’s i-series, AMD Ryzen line-up is composed of four models, each marked by a number – 3,5,7, and 9. The higher the number, the more number of cores, and the better the performance. So, Ryzen 3 chips have four cores, while Ryzen 5 consists of six. The Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 are more premium offerings from the brand and consist of eight and 12/16 cores respectively.

In that case, here’s a little primer to help you get better acquainted with the family and help you make the best choice.

AMD Ryzen 3

The entry point to AMD’s Ryzen line-up, the Ryzen 3 , is perfect for those looking for a system which can handle basic tasks such as surfing the internet and social media, creating a spreadsheet or deck here and there, sending and receiving emails, and light gaming, provided it is an Accelerated Processing Unit.

An APU, for the uninitiated, is a series of processors which combine a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on a single die. Systems with an APU in the motherboard instead of a CPU already have a graphics processing unit integrated into the processor, which eliminates the need for a dedicated graphics card. A Ryzen CPU with integrated graphics uses G or GE as a letter suffix. For example, AMD’s 5700G CPU comes with integrated graphics.

AMD Ryzen 5

The Ryzen 5 series is a more mid-tier offering from AMD, as compared to the budget-oriented Ryzen 3. If you’re looking for a system which can handle everyday multitasking at work or college, check out Ryzen 5. Being a hexacore processor, it also is more than enough for basic video and photo editing, and playing AAA title games, albeit at lower-to medium settings.

AMD Ryzen 7

The Ryzen 7 processor is the most suited to serious gamers. It possesses the computing power to run most AAA titles at medium-to-high settings, and lets you multitask with ease, owing to its eight cores. It also has a higher thermal power design as compared to many of its competitors, which means it is equipped to handle more heat generated due to computing processes and keep functioning smoothly.

AMD Ryzen 9

The Ryzen 9 is AMD’s most premium offering. It is primarily designed for high-end gaming enthusiasts as well as those whose work involves heavy video/photo editing, and number crunching in the form of simulations, etc.

The processor can be had with either 12 or 16 cores, making it more than capable of handling graphic heavy games as well as applications such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Premier Pro among others AMD Ryzen 9 processors are also the only one in the line-up which are not offered with integrated Radeon graphics and are pairable with discrete GPUs only.

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