Best tripods for video cameras on a budget

Be your own professional videographer

Best tripods for video cameras on a budget

Cinematography and videography has recently emerged as a new hobby and a passion the world over, with many people even going so far as turning it into a profession. Aspiring filmmakers, lifestyle bloggers, podcasters, content creators, youtubers, and live streamers, all have made using their camera a way to tell their stories to the world.

Gradually then, there has been a concurrent rise in home cinematography and videography innovations and equipment, as more and more people have begun to record themselves, without having to depend on a third person to do so.

One such piece of equipment, which has made this possible, besides the camera of course, is none other than the humble tripod.

However, many of you may be new to using the same, and not know how to use it effectively. Worry not, for we have for you a complete guide to help you with the same!

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Tripods and videography

Tripods are primarily meant to provide the right height for recording and shooting purposes. Clips often only look good when clicked and recorded at eye level. Tripods come in various lengths. Some of them are not flexible while some are. Furthermore, different kinds of tripods are also designed to mount different kinds of camera equipments. While some tripods are designed to hold phones and not digital SLRs, others are designed to mount only SLRs and video cameras, while some are customisable for both.

Having a tripod also ensures that your camera is held steady and that you won’t need a third person or a videographer to hold it for you.

How should you set it up?

First, check the tripod mount of your camera which is usually located at the bottom of the camera body. Now insert it inside the camera placing port of the tripod. There’s usually a releasing clip in the tripods meant for the same.

~ Now, bring the tripod to the level where you’d like to shoot. Do not keep the level too high or too low, it should be exactly at eye level for the best quality. Ensure you secure its legs properly so that they do not slip and are firm.

~ After this, adjust the camera, ensure it is facing the direction you want to record in. Make sure the camera fits well and is not loosely attached.

~ Lastly, fix the camera plate back on the top of the camera, which ensures that your camera is now properly secured, following which you can adjust the camera lens for zoom and begin recording!

Ways to use the set-up effectively

While recording using the help of a tripod, you must ensure that the camera and tripod are compatible with one another. In cases where either of the two is a bit too large or small, there are chances of blurred shots, and worse, the risk of your camera tilting and falling.

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One must try and adequately judge how much weight one can put on the tripod and then adjust the camera accordingly. In case you do not have a decent tripod with a higher weight bearing capacity, consider switiching to your phone for recording shots instead of a video camera. Lastly, remember to take multiple takes of each shot for best results, and that a mixture of clips always makes your video more beautiful and aesthetic!

Top rated video camera tripods

To help things along a little more, we’ve also compiled a small list of inexpensive, yet efficient video camera tripods that you may want to consider purchasing:

DIGITEK Platinum

Starting at a as low as Rs. 4,500, this lightweight tripod can stand as tall as 5ft. It also has fluid video support for DSLR and video cameras.


HAMA FLEX Tripod 14 cm in length and offered with height adjustable legs, the HAMA FLEX Tripod retails for as little as Rs. 2,500 and offers much more value than any other tripod in this price range.

JOBY Adjustable Tripod

JOBY Adjustable Tripod Aimed at slightly more professional videographers and cinematographers, the JOBY Adjustable tripod retails at Rs. 8,000. The 360 degree rotation, adjustable length and flexible legs are just some of the plethora of features it offers.

In a world increasingly driven by content consumption in the form of videos, tripods make for an extremely inexpensive, yet brilliant investment.

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