Common smartwatch problems and their solutions

Quick fixes to all your niggles!

Common smartwatch problems and their solutions

Picture this: You’ve just bought your first smartwatch and are probably using it for a while now. Now though, you have begun to notice a few minor niggles that are compromising your user experience with it. Well, worry not. These common issues, though easily fixable, if not addressed, can ruin your overall experience with your device.

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Thus, it is pertinent to take care of them. So, let’s take a quick look at the most common smartwatch problems and their solutions, such that it guarantees your peace of mind and you can use your smartwatch the way it was meant to be:

1. Low battery backup: One of the most common problems with most smartwatches is unsatisfactory battery backup. To address the same, you can turn off unnecessary features such as GPS tracking and minimise apps that are not in use. Along with this, adjusting or lowering the brightness of the screen, while a small step, goes a long way in improving the battery life of your device. If your smartwatch has an OLED display and an “always-on” feature, then consider using a watch face with lots of blacks in it. Believe it or not, more intricate and colourful watches also end up using way more power as compared to simple ones.

2. Connectivity issues: Another frequent and irritating issue that plagues many smartwatches is connectivity. To correct the same, ensure your smartwatch and smartphone are close by. You don’t need us to tell you Bluetooth connections tend to weaken if two connected devices are far apart. Restarting both devices and pairing them again resolves the issue for the most part. If the problem still persists, however, consider contacting your customer care or visiting a nearby service center.

3. Syncing issues: There are times when your smartwatch does not sync its data with your smartphone properly. In this situation, first, make sure that your smartwatch’s companion app is up to date. The majority of the time, the problem resolves itself after updating the app. Restarting both devices also seems to work in a few cases.

4. Missing crucial notifications: Another issue that one faces is missing notifications on their smartwatch. If it happens quite frequently, considering checking for software updates on your watch with the companion app on the phone. A second, more albeit more drastic option, is to reset your smartwatch. Go to settings and find the reset or format option. Once done, set it up again, it should work fine.

5. Apps crashing: Another issue that plagues many smartwatches is apps frequently crashing. This is mainly due to incompatibility. To overcome the same, try uninstalling and installing apps again. But before this, check for updates. If there are any, then your first course of action should be to simply update the app in question.

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There are plenty of other common issues that can be irritating as well. A few of them include unresponsive apps, software glitches, and hardware issues. In case of hardware issues, it is best to claim a warranty to resolve the issues.

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