Eight ways to decorate and make your laptop look new

Personalise your laptop to reflect you!

Eight ways to decorate and make your laptop look new

Mass production, of any product, is a fact of life the world over today. Increased production of a good decreases costs for consumers, and also increases profits for a company.

Worry not, we’re not trying to bore you with an economics lecture here. All we’re saying is, mass production, while beneficial, also leads to a situation wherein everyone seems to have the same things. Ergo, nothing about our possessions seems unique. This stands true for all products- including electronics. One such device which we all possess, irrespective of our age, income and profession, is a laptop.

We all use laptops, and on the face of it, they may all look pretty much the same, barring minor differences in design and specs, and so on. However, we’re here to tell you that there are a few things that you can do to remedy the same, and personalize your device to reflect your style. Without further ado then, let’s jump in.

1. Using a laptop skin: Are you looking for a way to personalise your laptop? Are you also looking for a way to protect your laptop? Well, may we suggest a laptop skin? It is one of the best ways to not just ensure your laptop reflects your tastes, but also protect it from scratches at the same time. Laptop skins are available in a variety of patterns, textures, graphics, colors, and more, according to your tastes and preferences. They are also super easy to apply and keep your laptop looking brand new in the long run. Most importatnly, they don’t burn too deep a hole in your pocket either!

2. Laptop stickers: If you aren’t into laptop skins and would prefer to see some original part of your laptop remains visible while still looking fresh, you may want to consider stickers then. Laptop stickers are made specifically for laptops and are easier to put on and peel off. There are limitless choices available when it comes to laptop stickers as well, for personalizing your devices with them.

3. Laptop sleeves: Using a laptop sleeve, while a sleek way of carrying your laptop as opposed to a bulky bag, also at the same time protects your laptop from scratches and dents. With laptop sleeves as well, as per ypour laptop size, budget, material of choice, colour and features, there are a plethora of choices. They make for a great way to personalise, protect and keep your laptop looking new.

4. Use a keyboard cover: With time, and repeated use, dust accumulation, as well as oils from our fingers can dirty the keys of our laptop keyboard. To help with the same, one can put a translucent cover over it, which in addition to dust accumulation and stains, also helps protect the laptop from accidental liquid spills and subsequent short circuits.

5. Use a custom wallpaper: When it comes to personalising, there is no hard and fast rule that all personalizations need to necessarily serve a particular function, such as protecting your laptop. Some personalisations may just be for aesthetics. One such example is a custom wallpaper/theme, which helsp set your laptop apart in a sea of them as well. Out of all methods, this one is perhaps the easiest and most inexpensive way to do the same.

6. Use a laptop stand: A laptop stand is one accessory which we highly recommend getting for your laptop. It not only protects your laptop from scratches, but also helps keep it cool.

7. Regular cleaning habits: To keep your laptop like new, a crucial habit one must develop is a regular maintenance routine. Maintenance here refers to cleaning- both internally and externally. A regular maintenance routine will keep your internals running smoothly and will make sure that small issues are resolved quickly and don’t turn into big ones easily.

8. Laptop lights: Some of us like things a little flashy, and that’s totally okay! If you are one of us too, consider investing in a small LED light provide additional illumination when you are working in low light conditions, as well as making your laptop stands out and can be spotted from anywhere. Laptop lights come in a variety of styles and colors, and choosing one that matches your laptop and your personal style at the same time, should be no problem at all.

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