Everything you need to know about storing food in a refrigerator

There’s more to it than just dumping stuff inside

Everything you need to know about storing food in a refrigerator

refrigerator is an appliance all of us have in our homes. One might imagine that using a refrigerator for storage is extremely simple – just pack food in containers, dump it in the refrigerator, and forget it. However, we’re here to tell you that that is not the case. Proper food storage is pertinent to ensuring food safety, preventing food waste, and better preservation.


Different types of food containers

There are various types of different food containers or organisers available in the market made with a variety of materials that have their own unique benefits and uses. Choosing the right type to store the appropriate food is crucial to keeping it fresh, safe, organised, and preserved for a longer duration. Based on the types of materials, there are broadly three types of containers.

Plastic containers: These are the most common and popular in the market primarily due to two reasons – affordability and durability. One can store a variety of food items in them. One crucial thing to note is that not all plastic is food grade. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check whether the container is fit for food storage and compatible with your fridge model.

Glass containers: The second most popular option is containers made of glass. You can store almost the same variety of food items as you can in a plastic container. The only drawback with glass containers is they are the least durable among all types of containers.

Metal containers: You will not often find metal containers meant for the fridge. You need to be mindful of what type of metal you use to store food inside the fridge. It is generally recommended to use a 100% stainless steel container to store food if using it as a fridge container.


Why are they important?

There are plenty of good reasons to take food containers and organisers seriously. Let’s take a look at a few reasons.

Organisation: Organising food in dedicated containers helps keep everything separate and organized so that you can find and access them conveniently.

Food safety: Using dedicated containers made for storing specific food inside the fridge will ensure safety and restrict cross-contamination. Not just containers and organisers, knowing what type of food to store on which shelf is also pertinent to food safety.

Better preservation: You must have heard of things like the crisper drawer present in the fridge where it is usually recommended to store fruits and vegetables. They help maintain an ideal temperature within the drawer specifically for the food item for better preservation. Thus, storing food in their respective container will potentially preserve it better.

Convenience: There are specific containers that one can use to store leftovers and use the same for reheating as well. Thus, containers and organisers can be versatile and do multiple things as well.

Sustainability: Instead of storing food in use-and-throw packaging, you can store it in reusable containers that can help reduce waste and promote sustainability at the same time.

Odour: Storing the food in its appropriate container can drastically reduce the spread of odour inside your fridge.

Your fridge comes with a few containers and drawers but you can always buy new ones that are compatible with your specific model. This will extend the usability of your fridge and potentially expand storage space too. But always look for containers with food grade safety and permissible by the manufacturer of the refrigerator.

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