How to automate your home using a smartphone?

Home automation at just a tap of your finger

How to automate your home using a smartphone?

If you’ve always wanted a smart home, then the good news is that you can automate your home with your smartphone. These days, thanks to the proliferation of IoT devices, one can automate nearly all appliances at home. You can either use your voice or smartphone to control these devices from almost anywhere. So how does one automate their home using a smartphone? Here’s a handy guide to understand just that.

What is a smart home?

Before we get to automating our homes, let’s first understand what a smart home is. These days, using the right devices, a smart home can shut itself down at night by locking the doors, drawing the curtains, lowering the thermostat, and turning off all the lights. It can also perform impressive things like turning on the lights when you walk into a room.

A smart house goes beyond basic automation because the word “smart” stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. Each linked item has the ability to keep an eye on itself and notify any issues to the control platform and subsequently take the necessary action.

What can you automate in your home?

The easiest thing to automate is your home’s lights. You will be able to control lighting with voice commands or switch on lights before you walk into any room. Smart lights can also be dimmed and even change colours to customise the ambience of your home.

You can also use smart locks , which can make it easier to let people in. You can open the gate for visitors from your house without having to manually open the door. It also allows you to open your doors with your phone, fingerprint and code, making it more secure.

A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature by a few degrees when you are home or someone else by using presence sensors, the geolocation of your and your family’s smartphones, and triggers from other devices. You can also keep an eye on your smart security cameras with your smartphone. Many can be programmed to record only when they see a person, animal, car, or package, or they can alert you to any activity they see.

These days, you can also invest in smart plugs . These will add the smart element to almost any traditional home appliance. Once connected to a smart plug, these appliances can then be controlled via a smartphone app.

How can you automate your home devices using your phone?

To set up a smart home, you can use your phone and other smart devices such as a hub to control multiple devices. All you need to do is make sure that all your smart devices are compatible with your phone. Download the recommended app that comes with your smart device. Through that app, you will be able to control your home appliances.

You can also set routines so that your devices start working at the same time every day. Automation as a technology is still evolving. Thanks to this technology, you can now control all your devices right from your phone without having to manually do anything. They can also be controlled through voice commands on your phone.

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