How to change and replace earbud tips?

Simple and easy! 

How to change and replace earbud tips?

Replacing earbud tips might sound weird to some, and technical and complicated to others. But it isn’t actually. If you must draw a silly, yet surprisingly accurate analogy, then changing earbud tips is just like changing a pillow cover. Yeah, it does sound weird but keeping that aside, let’s get into how you can do it in a few easy steps by yourself.

Why do you need to do it?

1. You might want to change or replace your earbud tips even when they are brand new, just out of the box, if they don’t fit your ear properly. You will find several tips of different sizes inside the box itself. Choose smaller or bigger depending on out-of-the-box fit.

2. The second scenario in which you might need to replace your tips is if either or both the tips are somehow damaged.

3. You might also want to change the tips of your earbuds to maximise passive noise cancellation. Since earbuds sit just outside the opening of your ear canal, they tend to leak sound. To minimise this, you can replace the tips for a snugger fit.

4. It just might be the case that they have gotten dirty even after using them carefully and cleaning them regularly. It doesn’t negatively impact the performance of your earbuds but they look off-putting so you can change them to make them look just like new.

Steps to change earbud tips

1) What you want to do first is take them out of their case and lay them on a surface.

2) You can pick any one of them and change the tips and just repeat the entire process for the other one.

3) Hold the earbuds in one hand and squeeze the tip of the earbuds from your index finger and thumb.

4) After that, just twist and pull each other apart and the tip will slide out of its designated groove.

5) Once you remove the tips, it will reveal the driver part. You can clean them a bit with tissue paper if they are dirty.

6) Hold the replacement tip softly with your first two fingers and thumb.

7) Now bring the driver close to the fitting groove and gently work it in. Do it slowly and keep your hands steady and it will just slide in its place.

8) Now repeat the entire process for the other earbud as well and you are done.

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