How to log out from YouTube on your TV?

It’s as easy as finding new cat videos

How to log out from YouTube on your TV?

Since the rise of cheap and high-speed internet, YouTube has become a staple content consumption platform. Its popularity has only increased with more devices supporting the app. Smart TVs can also download this app and you can enjoy unlimited content on it. But if someone were to ask you to log out of the app on your TV, you might find yourself in unfamiliar water. Well worry not, it is rather straightforward.


Steps to log out of YouTube from TV

1) First, open the app on your TV, and navigate to the left side of the screen.

2) At the top of the menu, you will see a profile icon, select it.

3) Open the accounts page now.

4.) Select your account from the list if you have multiple accounts.

5.) Now, simply select the Sign out option.

6.) Confirm your action if asked. It may take a few seconds and you will be logged out.

Do it remotely

1.) Open YouTube on a browser and log into your account.

2.) At the top-right corner, you will see your profile icon. Click on it.

3.) Scroll down and select the Settings option from it.

4.) Scroll down and under the Your Account section, click on “View or change your Google Account Settings”

5.) After that, scroll down a little and click on Secure Account.

6.) Once you click on it, at the top you will see the Your Devices option.

7.) Click on it, it will list down all the devices your account has been logged into.

8.) Simply select your TV and click on the Remove option.

9.) Confirm your action if asked.

10.) It will take a few seconds and it will be done.

You can do this remotely from any device anywhere. This comes in handy in a pinch situation.

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