How to take good care of your laptop?

Let's learn some digital hygiene.

How to take good care of your laptop?

Let’s face it, we live in a digital age and most of us can’t go a day without all the devices in our life. Even though these devices are designed to make our lives easier, some times they too need a bit of TLC from us. A little care and maintenance can go a long way in potentially extending a device’s lifespan by up to 6-12 months. Take for instance the laptop, which is one of the most used devices in our day-to-day lives. Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your laptop.


Taking care of the display

Your laptop’s display is a magnet for fingerprints, small dust particles and dirt, and requires regular cleaning. Do not use any liquid to clean the display though as it can potentially damage the screen. A soft cloth should suffice in cleaning the screen. For a stubborn smudge, put a drop of cleaning liquid on the cloth and wipe the screen. It is also recommended that you keep the laptop facing away from strong lights such as direct sunlight, as it can accelerate the ageing process of the screen.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The two most used (read: touch) parts of a laptop are the keyboard and trackpad. Small dirt particles tend to get accumulated underneath the keys as well as the edges of the trackpad. The keys and the trackpad also tend to collect grime from our fingers. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth is recommended.

Battery health is the lifeline

Even the most powerful and durable laptop is of little use if its battery health is not up to the mark. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to preserve and maintain the battery. It is generally advised not to charge any device 100%. Use the original charger that comes with the box to charge your device. In case you need to buy a new one then make sure it is compatible with your device and recommended by the manufacturer.

You should also enable various battery protection measures that come with the laptop. For example, few laptops have options such as charging cut-off after a certain percentage.


Keep the system updated

Do not leave that big software update for another day as it is important, not only for the security of your laptop, but also to help the system to perform at its optimal levels. This also will give you additional features and resolve bugs depending upon how major an update it is.

Always use an antivirus

This is one of the most obvious and important software you can get for your laptop. This will keep your data secure and your privacy won’t get compromised even in the case of a malware attack.

Mind the Garbage

Do not keep unnecessary files, programs and apps. They not only hog memory and storage, but also slow down your system. A weekly clean-up to see what is needed and what is not can keep your laptop running faster for longer.

Bonus tips

A general rule of thumb is to not eat or drink near your laptop. An accidental spill of food or drink can adversely affect your laptop and its parts. Keep your laptop on a stable surface, as any vibration or shakes can potentially damage the hard drive. Lastly, do not block the ventilation fan outlets as heat entrapment can slow down as well as damage your laptop’s internals.

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