How to wear headphones properly?

Comfort is as important as good audio quality

How to wear headphones properly?

Some might wonder how people are able to wear headphones for hours without hurting their ears. Well, it’s all about how you wear them. It may not be rocket science, but wearing a pair of headphones properly can make a difference between comfort and irritation. Let’s look at a few key things to keep in mind when wearing a pair of headphones.

How to wear Headphones correctly?

The in-ear earphones are among the most popular ones out there. Regardless of whether you have a wired one or wireless earbuds, they both are worn in a similar fashion. Since they go inside your ear, a snug fit is the most important criteria. Before putting them on, determine the left and right earbuds first so that you can avoid making a rookie mistake.

1. Hold the top part of your ear and pull it up a little and insert the ear tips to create a reliable seal.

2. This will also maximise passive noise cancellation as well as prevent a form of sound leakage.

3. Some might prefer pulling their earlobes while inserting the earbuds, and that too is fine. After all, not all ear shapes are the same and comfort varies from one person to another.

4. Avoid pushing earbuds too forcefully as it might create some air pressure and start hurting your ears after a bit.

5. As far as wires are concerned, let them dangle straight. Don’t try to fold them or tie them as it can damage the wires.

Over-ear and on-ear headphones are different thus they require a different approach. Whether you have wireless or wired headphones, this applies to both.

1. Firstly, you may want to just wear the headphones and get the feel of them. Just determine the left and right sides of the headphone and put them on.

2. Align the headband over the middle part of your head as this will give you a snug fit as well as comfort and assurance.

3. Now adjust the headband according to the shape of your head and make sure the weight of the headphones is distributed over your head and not falling right on your ears as it will start getting uncomfortable quickly.

4. Make sure it is snug, and not too tight.

5. For on-ear headphones, you need to fiddle with the ear pads a little as they sit directly on the ears. You can try to leave out the topmost part of your ears while adjusting.

How to wear headphones properly with glasses?

Glasses don’t pose a problem while wearing in-ear earphones. But when wearing headphones, they tend to press on the “arms” of your glasses on your head which becomes uncomfortable quickly. There isn’t a foolproof way that is going to work for everyone.

The logic remains the same whether you wear glasses or not, but you can do a few things differently to achieve a more comfortable fit. Having said that, there are a couple of tips that you can try out which will certainly help you.

1. Many say that wearing glasses after wearing headphones can drastically make it more comfortable.

2. While wearing headphones you should go for a snug fit, rather than go one size bigger than what you would have adjusted it to.

3. Another way is to just try to place the ear cups slightly lower on your ears to avoid them pressuring against the arms of your glasses.

4. If these don’t help, then you might consider getting a headphone with softer ear pads or headphones with more headband adjustability.

Regardless of what and how you wear your headphones make sure the volume levels aren’t too loud as prolonged exposure to loud noises can be harmful or in severe cases, may damage your hearing as well.

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