Must have apps on your new Android Phone

Sharing the list of finest Apps your Android phone needs.

Must have apps on your new Android Phone

Google Play Store has countless apps. It is important to select the best suitable apps for yourself. Below we have listed some of the must-have Android apps that make your Android experience better.

Nova Launcher

The home screen is the first thing we see when we open our phones. You want it to be as cool as it can be. We find our phone’s standard homepage to be basic. Our phone doesn’t have many options to play around with the home set-up. This is where the Nova launcher comes in. We can customise any Android phone using the third-party launcher. You can change the grid size and icon themes with the launcher. You can make similar changes to the app drawer. Nova lets you assign different gestures to your apps. For e.g., you can use the swipe-down motion on WhatsApp to go to the search bar. This app also has a backup and restore feature. You can install Nova on your new phone and get the familiar home screen from the cloud in a snap. With Nova launcher’s loaded features and speedy animation, you not only get a pleasant look but a better user experience as well.


Canva is a popular graphic designing app for editing photos and videos. With Canva, you don’t need to have the expertise to edit your media. The app has an easy-to-use interface. You can crop, flip, and add various filters to your images. You can refer to Canva’s tutorials on YouTube for help.

Small businesses use Canva to make their social media posts with its app-specific layouts for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. YouTubers make use of banner makers in Canva to create thumbnails.

Canva is a good start for graphic design enthusiasts. You can go for the premium version to get watermark-free images, videos, and posters.


Often, we receive calls from unknown numbers. While some calls are genuine, the rest may be spam calls, or worse, they are scam calls. Whenever you get a call, Truecaller flashes the caller’s name on the screen. It also shows if the call is spam. You can mark a number as spam or scam on Truecaller to prevent others from answering such calls. The only drawback with Truecaller is the frequent ads.

Bitwarden Password Manager

A password manager is like a digital safe that saves your login information in tight security. Bitwarden helps you save login information for your socials, payment applications and more. With this app, you can autofill your login info without worrying about your passwords getting leaked. Another plus with Bitwarden is that it generates strong passwords. With a weak password, your accounts are at risk of getting hacked.

Moon reader

Moon reader is the eBook reader for folks who like to read books on their phone. You can change fonts, line space, and colours as you wish. Students alike can highlight text while reading. The app has an option called “Keep your eyes health” that adjusts settings for a long time reading. These features make Moon reader a great alternative to Kindle. The reader also supports other file formats like pdf, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CHM, CBZ, CBR, UMD, DOCX, etc. So, you can read comic books, PDFs, and web pages. Another plus is the in-built online libraries where you can read thousands of eBooks for free.


Duolingo is one of the popular language learning apps. If you want to learn a new language as a hobby but don’t have much time to invest, then Duolingo is the way to go. Other than English, Duolingo teaches you more than thirty languages. Duolingo uses a play-and-learn method. We play bite-sized games and learn along the way. As you get better at these games, new levels are unlocked. Duolingo has features like a daily streak that keeps you hooked on the games, and you get better at language.

Keep Notes

Finally, you require a to-do list app to make notes of things at important moments. Google’s Keep Notes allows you to make lists and create reminders for different tasks. It’s an easy-to-use app.

We hope that this list of apps adds to your Android experience.

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