Creative ways to use a smart plug

Turn your devices into smart devices with just a plug

Creative ways to use a smart plug

What actually is a smart plug?

A smart plug works like a power adaptor that is between your power outlet and the equipment you want to connect to. It not only helps you switch things on and off, but also automates your home. It allows you to operate your appliances from anywhere using a smartphone app. Some smart plugs also collect data on how much energy the gadget connected to it is consuming.

To use a smart plug , all you need to do is plug it into an outlet and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. After that, connect any wired device, such as a light or a fan, to your smart plug, and you’ll be able to operate them from anywhere using your phone or via voice command.

Ways you can use your smart plug

With a smart plug, you can schedule your lights to turn off when you’re not at home and conserve energy. Smart plugs can also help keep your house secure from fire threats. If you are using any heat equipment on a regular basis, such as a curling iron, and forget to turn it off, then connecting them to a smart socket will allow you to switch them off remotely from your phone.

You can also schedule your coffee maker to make coffee for you first thing in the morning so that you get a freshly brewed cup right after waking up. Or you could automate your speakers to play music and work as an alarm. It also gives you the opportunity to cook while you’re at work. Have some rice in the cooker ready and turn it on before you leave the office. By the time you reach home, your rice will be cooked.

You could also time your feeder to feed your pet while you are outside. It could also help you with recharging home devices while you’re in the office. You could also turn on the heater or the air conditioning before returning home, so your home is heated/cooled when you arrive.

However, you should be careful while using a smart plug. Avoid using several extension devices with your smart plug. You should also be cautious while using a gadget that consumes a high voltage of energy, like an air conditioner . You do not want sparks or electric surges to damage your devices. When connecting an intelligent plug to the internet, keep in mind that insecure networks can allow others to access your device.

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