What is Samsung Smart View and how can you use it?

A convenient feature by the tech giant indeed!

What is Samsung Smart View and how can you use it?

Samsung is known for its innovative perspective toward adopting new technology across its product range. And this can’t get any truer, especially for its Smartphone line-up. In fact, they have always tried to give users features that allow them to utilise their Smartphones optimally. One such feature/app found in Samsung devices is the Smart View.


What is Samsung Smart View?

The ‘Smart View’ is a feature/app available on several Samsung Smartphones and Tablets. It is a convenient way to mirror your device’s screen onto a Samsung Smart TV or any other Samsung device. It lets you display your Smartphone directly on your TV, including media, documents, and other content, with little to no effort. And while Samsung recently restricted Smart View by only allowing it to share content with other Samsung devices, users were earlier able to make the most of this feature by using it with Chromecast, Fire Stick and Miracast.

How to use Smart View?

The Smart View is a mirroring app that you can connect using your Smartphone with a TV or a Laptop.

1. Connect both your devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. After this, simply swipe down from the top of the screen of your phone’s notification panel.

3. You will see plenty of options such as internet, brightness, Bluetooth etc. Among these, you will also find the Smart View.

4. After clicking on it, it will begin looking for devices on the same network nearby that are compatible with your phone.

5. Among the list, you will also find your Samsung TV

6. It is important to note that it takes a few seconds to pair your TV once you select the option.

7. Once paired, you will see your Smartphone’s screen on your Samsung TV.

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