Here’s when to upgrade your smartwatch

Know when you should upgrade to a new smartwatch!

Here’s when to upgrade your smartwatch

A smartwatch is a great companion device for your smartphone. More and more people are using it due to its unique appeal and functionalities. Smartwatches have been in the market for some time now and in this short period of time, they have evolved a lot. And in a time when smartwatches are evolving at such an astonishing speed, how would you judge when to upgrade? Well, this blog will comprehensively answer this question so that you can decide when to upgrade to a new smartwatch. Let’s jump in.

So, when should you upgrade your smartwatch?

Well, any piece of technology has an inherent lifespan. However, beyond it, the gadget in question remains usable as long as it serves its intended or desired function without major hiccups that might ruin the user experience. As a rule of thumb, however, people tend to upgrade to a new smartwatch every two to three years.

But you can do it even earlier if there are specific signs for it. A few of the valid reasons to upgrade can be a change in lifestyle, compatibility with your smartphone, personal preference, and more. These are just some of the common and broad reasons:

Top 5 signs that mean it is time to upgrade your smartwatch

There are a few obvious and evident telltale signs one can look for. Depending on whether you can spot all or a few, you should consider upgrading your smartwatch as soon as possible.

1) High battery drain: The first and the most significant reason that should be evident on an ageing smartwatch is its high battery drain. You have to frequently charge your watch which is not just irritating but defeats the purpose of getting a smartwatch. If you can’t use your smartwatch for an entire day on a single charge, it is advisable to upgrade as soon as possible.

2) No software support: Another valid reason to upgrade to a new smartwatch is the lack of software support. Manufacturers generally give software updates for only limited years. Beyond this, your device is vulnerable to security breaches; this is a compelling reason to upgrade to a new smartwatch that can keep your data safe.

3) Physical damages that are non-repairable: There can be a situation where there is a lot of physical damage to the smartwatch due to any reason. If the cost to repair all these damages is too exorbitant then you should get a new smartwatch instead. It might as well be the case that these damages can’t be repaired altogether.

4) Lacking in crucial features: Since smartwatches as a product category is evolving at a rapid pace, it means that new features are being constantly added and older features are being improved upon in newer editions. If your smartwatch is lacking in features that you want and require then it is more sensible to upgrade to a new one.

5) New tech in the market: New tech such as fall detection, Heart rate monitoring along with a whole host of health tracking features are regularly being added, making the smartwatch a great gadget to track your health and fitness on a regular basis. It is a good idea to upgrade if you are into fitness. Get a new watch with features specifically targeted toward health and wellness.

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