Important guidelines to keep in mind during AC installation

Make sure your AC is setup and installed properly for a worry-free experience

Important guidelines to keep in mind during AC installation

An air conditioner is a complex home appliance that needs a lot of care and attention during installation. The specific characteristics of ACs – particularly split air conditioners which have two separate components — often require your home to be properly equipped or prepared for it, in the form of having the correct ducts, connections, and spaces for the system. All of this further underlines the need for proper and careful installation procedures, so that the AC can work efficiently without causing any post-purchase hassle.

The dangers of improper installation are numerous, including damage to your walls and furniture, electrical fluctuations and circuit tripping, and even potential for injury to you and your family. Additionally, unless it’s properly installed, an air conditioner won’t work as expected and could malfunction long before the actual life cycle of the appliance.

Engaging a qualified AC installation expert

While many other appliances might be easier to set up, air conditioner installation and service is a task best left to professionals, and you should look into engaging the right professionals or service providers for the task.

While you might get brand-certified installation in some cases, usually the retailer who you buy your AC from will be equipped to provide installation and servicing. On other occasions, you might want to take your existing AC to a new home, and will need installation at the new location.

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It might be good practice to ask for advice from family and friends, or check online reviews before engaging an air conditioner installation professional. You can also work with retailers to put you in touch with their trusted AC installation and service professionals. Ask around and also get multiple quotes from professionals before finalising with any one.

Before signing up, also be sure to ask your potential AC installation service some questions, including whether they have experience in the field, whether they have the tools and resources they need, whether they offer a warranty on their installation services to protect against issues, and just how long the installation process will take. They’ll also need to examine your room and gain safe access to all necessary areas.

Air conditioner installation process: How to prepare for it

This, of course, heavily depends on the layout and construction of your home, including the availability of power supply, air ducts for the airflow, and a wall or frame to mount your air conditioner. 

A window AC unit will need to be mounted in a frame that can fit the unit and hold it securely but is otherwise the simplest to install since it only has a single unit. On the other hand, if you’re considering a split AC, you’ll need to make sure the air ducts and power supply are in place, along with drainage lines for condensation. Of course, you’ll need a sturdy wall to mount the inside unit, as well as an outdoor space to install the outside unit.

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This can often be tricky, as the outdoor unit is large and needs access to fresh air and power supply, but also needs to be somewhat protected from harsh sunlight and other weather conditions such as rain. Installation of this can be on a terrace, duct, or balcony, or you can also have it mounted on a rack right outside the window nearest to the inside unit. 

Do keep in mind that the outside unit needs to be safely accessible to AC installation and service technicians. Additionally, the larger the distance between the indoor and outdoor units, the more complex will be the installation process, especially if you are not dealing with a central air conditioning system. A few feet of distance is expected and manageable for most AC installation professionals.

The indoor unit should be securely mounted at a suitable height to be able to effectively cool the entire room, and should not have any significant objects (such as tall cupboards or furniture units) placed too close to it. It should also be easily accessible for cleaning and AC servicing, as needed.

The system should be fully checked to ensure that condensation drainage lines are draining correctly and safely, leaks are checked and covered, and the refrigerant line is topped up and charged. The electrical power supply should be tested and protected against moisture and weather elements. Above all, the outside unit should be securely mounted on racks or on a holder to keep it slightly elevated off the floor, which will protect against water flooding and pests such as rodents.

What is included in the cost of installation

Remember that a properly carried-out installation of your new AC will go a long way towards keeping your new air conditioner working efficiently for many years. It will also avoid any untoward incidents and accidents, which is particularly important given the size of delicate nature of the appliance itself.

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Make sure you sign on with a qualified, trusted and experienced air conditioner installation and service professional to have your new AC properly installed. When done correctly and professionally, you’ll likely not face any trouble for many years to come.

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