5 beauty products you can store in your refrigerator

Know what makeup must be stored in your fridge

5 beauty products you can store in your refrigerator

Most Indian households use a refrigerator at home to store food and preserve it for longer durations. But did you know beyond storing your leftovers and cooling your beverages, your fridge can also store your beauty products in your fridge? Let’s explore what beauty products can go in your fridge, their advantages and disadvantages along with a few crucial tips on how to store them properly.

5 beauty products you can store in your fridge

While you should follow the manufacturer’s guide and instructions on how to store any beauty product, the following products can be safely stored in your refrigerator when you need to keep them away from heat, kids and pets.

1. Eye cream: The logic behind storing eye creams in your fridge is pretty simple. The ingredients in most eye creams can be more effective when stored at colder temperatures. Eye creams that have been stored cool are hence, believed to be more effective in combating puffiness and dark circles.

2. Nail polish: Storing nail polish in a fridge can prevent two of the most common problems. First, it will prevent the nail polish from thickening and separating. Second, it can potentially help preserve the colour and consistency of the polish ensuring a smoother and even application during use.

3. Face mist: Similar to eye cream, face mists are also full of active ingredients that make your skin look fresh and thus has many active ingredients. Storing these cold in the refrigerator is believed to increase the effectiveness of the mist.

4. Perfume: Storing perfume in a cold and dark conditions is known to better preserve the scent of the perfume. But you need to be extra careful while storing strong-smelling things in your fridge, especially when you use the same space for storing food as well. If you often have food that is not stored in well covered, air-tight containers, we’d skip using the fridge for your perfume.

5. Sheet mask: Storing sheet masks in a fridge is claimed to make them more effective. The cool temperature of the mask can reduce inflammation and redness more effectively leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated when using the masks.


Advantages and disadvantages of storing beauty products in the refrigerator

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to storing beauty products in your fridge. Let’s have a quick look at the most important pointers.


The cold temperature of the fridge helps preserve the product’s freshness and effectiveness, especially if they contain active ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics.

2. The cool temperature of the fridge can enhance the effectiveness of many beauty products such as eye creams and face mists.

3.If you live in a particularly hot and humid area then it is by default required that you store your beauty products in a relatively cooler area to preserve their stability, and a refrigerator can be quite handy for this.


1. The biggest cause of concern is the chances of cross-contamination since you are sharing the space for food and beauty products. It can be harmful.

2. If the temperature inside the fridge is fluctuating on either end of the extreme temperatures then it can impact the consistency of the products.

3. Finally, there is limited space inside any fridge. These are designed to store food thus depending on your requirements you may not have sufficient space for both your food needs and your beauty products.


How to store beauty products in the refrigerator?

There are certain things you need to be mindful of before tossing any beauty product in your fridge. These will help you store them safely in the correct way.

1. Read labels: Always read labels before storing any beauty or cosmetic product in your refrigerator. Generally, manufacturers spell out key information regarding how to store and in what condition that particular product needs to be stored. Two products belonging to the same manufacturer can have different requirements.

2. Keep away from food: One small step that is a must while storing any beauty product is strictly storing them on a separate shelf away from any food item. This will reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

3. Store in an airtight container: Make sure the beauty products you are storing in the refrigerator are in an airtight container so there is no cross-contamination of chemicals with the foodstuff in your fridge.

4. Dedicated storage: If you have to store a lot of beauty products, consider investing in a dedicated cold storage device for them. There are appliances like a mini fridge or a wine cooler that you could use to store your beauty products separately, away from the food and the worries of contamination.

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