Best ways to make your MacBook last longer

Here are some tips that will help your MacBook last longer

Best ways to make your MacBook last longer

MacBooks are expensive. And sure, you don’t want to be replacing one every few years. They help you with your work, online classes and even personal use and getting one damaged can definitely cost you big.

So how do you make your MacBook last longer? The answer is simple. All you need to do is take care of your laptop. We’ve compiled a list of simple practices you can follow to ensure it does.

Never delay those software updates

Apple upgrades the macOS operating system from time to time, which may include app and security updates. Make sure to set your MacBook’s system options to check for updates automatically. To avoid functionality hiccups, your device should be running the most recent OS and applications.

You might still get notifications to decide when the updates will get installed if this option is enabled. Some updates are large — may need your device to be powered on or may require a restart after the update. You can update your device while you’re not using it by scheduling it for you. The device can be in sleep or standby mode, but it must be powered on for upgrades to take place.

Clean your MacBook

Cleaning your gadget regularly will help it stay clean and avoid damage from dirt and grime. Choose a microfibre wipe to clean your gadget. They effectively clean electronics and get rid of fingerprints or bacteria.

Regular cleaning not only keeps your laptop looking brand new, but it can also stop delamination, which can harm the screen of your MacBook Retina. A failure mode brought on by cyclic stresses is delamination. In this instance, when your MacBook is closed, the oils from your keyboard move to your screen. Over time, these oils harm the anti-glare coating on the Retina display, causing a cracked, broken screen.

Keep your battery between 20-80%

The battery is where extending MacBook Pro longevity begins. Stop leaving your MacBook plugged up. The lithium-ion battery inside your laptop operates best between 20 and 80% of its capacity. The utilisation modifies when a battery is charged above 80% to safeguard it from physical damage and expansion.

Never keep a laptop charged to nothing. Your battery is not entirely depleted at 0%, but it does not have enough energy to power your device either. Any remaining power will discharge if stored at 0%, which could permanently harm your battery.

We are aware that maintaining your battery between 20 and 80% requires close attention. The main lesson is to avoid letting your charge drop below 0% and to occasionally remove it from the charger so you may utilise the battery.

Switch to Safari

You might think about switching to Apple’s Safari web browser if Chrome is now your default browser. With Safari set as the default web browser, Apple calculates the estimated battery life for its MacBooks.

Perform routine maintenance

Your Mac’s lifespan can be greatly increased with regular maintenance. It can not only keep everything running well, but it can also assist in identifying potential problem areas before they have a negative influence on you or your Mac.

If you’re using a MacBook, keep the following tips in mind. Following these tips will help your MacBook last longer. Regularly back up your data to the Cloud. In case you need to replace your MacBook, you won’t end up losing your data.

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