5 problems with your earphones and how to fix them

These issues may not be as big as they seem

5 problems with your earphones and how to fix them


If you’re like most people, you probably use your earphones on a daily basis, whether to listen to music, make phone calls, or watch your favourite films and TV shows on your phone without disturbing those around you. However, these devices, while they are absolute lifesavers, can also be notoriously finicky, and it’s not uncommon for them to start acting up after just a few months of use.

However, while many of these issues may seem to be big ones, they may not be so. Here we have brought for you, a list of five common problems you may experience with your earphones and how to fix them.

One side of the earphone is not working

If you notice that one side of your earphones is significantly quieter than the other, there are a few possible explanations for the same. First, check to see if the volume on your device is turned up all the way. If it is, then the problem may be internal. If not, try turning it up. Another possible problem may be a build-up of dirt and debris, the solution to which is cleaning the earphone jack with a cotton swab. Over time, lint and other debris can build up in the jack, causing the sound to get muffled. If that doesn’t work, try gently twisting the jack to see if that improves the sound quality. If neither of those solutions works, then the problem may be internal, with earphones in themselves. In which case, you may need to replace the same.

Your earphones keep falling out

If your earphones keep falling out, it’s probably just because the fit isn’t snug enough. Luckily, there are a few easy solutions to the same. First off, try adjusting your earphone tips. If they’re too small, they may not be creating a tight seal in your ear, which can cause them to fall out. Conversely, if the ear tips are too large, they may be uncomfortable and cause the earphones to fall out. Another solution is to use ear hooks. These hooks go over the top of your ear and help keep the earphones in place. There are a variety of different ear hook designs available, so you should be able to find a pair that’s comfortable and stays in place with ease.

Your earphones are always getting tangled

If you’re constantly having to untangle your earphones, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from getting tangled in the first place. First, make sure you’re storing your earphones properly. The best way to do this is to wrap them around your device, such as your phone or MP3 player. This will help keep them from getting tangled with other objects in your bag or pocket. Another solution is to use a cord wrap. This is a small wrap that goes around the cord of your earphones and keeps them from getting tangled.

Poor connectivity issues

This is a problem that is peculiar to Bluetooth headphones. To tackle the same, make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on and that your headphones are linked. Linkage issues could be due to a number of issues – your smartphone/laptop being connected to another bluetooth device, or simply having been placed very far from your headphones. Another common issue is low battery levels. With wired earphones, one doesn’t experience this difficulty because they don’t need charging. However, when the battery level in your Bluetooth headphones falls below a specific level, the CPU loses power and ceases to work properly. Check that your headphones are fully charged if you’re having problems connecting. Whilst this is an extremely unusual occurrence, ensure the wireless receiver is not left on a metallic surface, since this may also create connection troubles.


Poor sound quality

Anyone with wired headphones may experience this issue due to a damaged jack. Make sure the headphone jack fits tightly. Due to electrical interference, most wireless headphones may provide poor sound quality. Keep other electronic gadgets away from your headphones to avoid this.

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