4 common Bluetooth pairing issues and how to fix them

Easy solutions to all those pesky connectivity issues

4 common Bluetooth pairing issues and how to fix them

Have you had that irritating moment when you are trying to connect to a Bluetooth speaker but not able to pair? Even after repeated tries, all you end up with is further frustration and a feeling of defeat. Well, don’t worry. We can help you sort this situation out so that you don’t have to face these types of scenarios ever again. Let’s explore some of the most common Bluetooth pairing issues and how you can resolve them.


Common Bluetooth pairing issues in a speaker

1. Connectivity issues: Connectivity issues with Bluetooth speakers is when your source device simply refuses to pair and connect with your speaker. To solve this, you should make sure that both devices are in pairing mode and are within the specified range. If auto pairing is enabled, then try resetting and connecting again. If the problem still persists, it might be a manufacturing defect, and you might have to reach out to the customer support.

2. Connection drop: Another commonly faced issue is a sudden drop in connectivity. Your device gets paired easily and seamlessly, but it faces connectivity drops that ruin the listening experience. To resolve this, you should first make sure that both devices are within the prescribed range and have enough charge.

Another reason could be two competing source devices struggling to connect to the same output device (in this case, your speaker). If you connect your speakers to multiple devices and keep them on auto-pairing then two devices in the same room might simultaneously try to connect at (repeatedly, at regular intervals) resulting in a connectivity drop on one device.

3. Audio issues: Another issue you might be facing is bad sound quality or subdued sound. If it is an occasional issue, then there could be three main reasons for poor audio – poor audio file quality, low battery life on your speaker, or connectivity drops. These are easily fixable. Charge your speaker, and follow the tips mentioned above to get rid of any connectivity issues. If you still face bad audio quality or subdued audio on a regular basis, then you might want to try pairing with a different device to check if the issue persists. If it does, your speaker may need a trip to the service centre.

4. Bluetooth interference: Another frequent and common issue with Bluetooth speakers is interference. This is when you face sudden issues with connectivity, delay or audio output only when in a certain location. The issue could be the overlap of multiple Bluetooth signals in the vicinity, also called interference. The easiest way to fix interference issues is to identify the two devices with overlapping signals and relocating one, or both of them.

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