Top dos and don’ts to follow while listening to your favorite tunes

Helpful tips to enhance your listening and protect your ears

Top dos and don’ts to follow while listening to your favorite tunes

Who doesn’t like plugging in a pair of earphones or headphones and getting lost in the world of music? From travelling to relaxing, the right music can make every experience better, but did you know that there are also a number of health risks associated with music? Wearing your audio accessory the wrong way or wearing it for too long could cause you pain, while high volumes can permanently damage your ears. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow when listening to music so you can enjoy music safely.


Top dos to improve your listening experience

1. High-quality headphones: A correctly tuned and high-quality audio listening device will produce sound more pleasing and balanced to your ears resulting in a better listening experience. A pair of good headphones will also have more comfortable cusioning for the ears, allowing you to wear them for longer without discomfort.

2. Volume levels: Sometimes less is more. The same applies to the sound levels while listening to music. If you are using headphones or earphones then adjusting the audio to an optimal level will significantly improve your listening experience and keep your ears safer in the longer run. Listening to music on very high volumes for too long can damage your hearing.

3. Take breaks: Taking a short break in between listening sessions is crucial to avoiding ear fatigue and preventing hearing loss. As a rule of thumb, you should take a break of 15 minutes after every hour.

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4. Right environment: Listening to your favorite tunes is all about enjoying and forgetting the worries. It is best that you do it in an environment with little to no noise pollution for the best experience. Outside noise and sound can interfere with your listening experience. Also avoid music if you ever think it is getting in your way of focusing on the task at hand, say driving or reading.

5. Develop an ear for details: Try to develop an ear for the details in songs. Try identifying the singers, the various instruments coming together and other factors. While this will allow you to immerse yourself in your favourite songs beyond just the lyrics, it will also teach you a helpful skill in music.



Top don’ts to improve your listening experience

1. High-volume listening: If you use earphones or headphones for listening then don’t go over the safe levels of volume. Generally, it is said that you shouldn’t go beyond 60% of the total output.

2. Use music as a distraction: Don’t just listen for the sake of distraction especially when you are studying. It may decrease your productivity and break your concentration. Also avoid music when opersting complicated machinery or during any other task where you feel songs may distract you.

3. Be musically restricted: Don’t be a creature of habit when it comes to music taste. Experiment, explore, and try to find new sounds as sticking to just what you know can quickly turn monotonous and boring.

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4. Long listening sessions: Don’t do long extended continuous listening sessions especially if you are using headphones or earphones. It can cause ear fatigue and damage your hearing as well. Take breaks every hour or as required.

5. Warning signs of damage: If you regularly use earphones or headphones for listening to music, you may develop hearing issues after a while, especially if you tend to listen to music at high volumes. Ignoring early signs of issues may result in permanent damage. If you face symptoms like ringing, pain and loss of sound, consult a doctor immediately.

6. Careless with storing: Correctly storing and handling your headphones or earphones is imperative to make sure they perform like new for longer. Don’t throw them around or place anything heavy on top of them during travel. If your headphones/earphones have wires, take extra care not to twist them or damage them.

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