5 tips to avoid speaker damage

Know your speaker's vulnerabilities to protect it better

5 tips to avoid speaker damage

We all love listening to our favorite tunes on our portable Bluetooth speakers, which we can take with us anywhere. But this level of portability also introduces your speakers to external elements that can cause them damage. Constant exposure to impacts, drops and elements like water, dirt and dust can damage your speakers and lead to complete breakdowns. But does that mean you should keep your speakers locked indoors? Of course not. We bring you a list of tips to help avoid damage to your speakers.


Common types of speaker-damaging scenarios and how to avoid them

1. Physical damage: Your speaker is the most susceptible to physical damage. The best way to safeguard your speaker from any sort of physical damage is just to be mindful and aware of your surroundings at all times. Also use your speakers gently and avoid tossing them around. Keep them in safe areas where nobody can accidentally knock it off.

2. Liquid damage: Just like any other electronic device, your speakers are susceptible to damage after exposure to moisture. This can happen even if your speaker is water-resistant. Understand that even with water-resistant speakers and gadgets, the components inside the speakers will alsways be vulnerable to any liquids that penetrate the surface. To keep your speaker safe from liquid damage, make sure that you don’t expose the unit to any water.

3. Battery damage: The battery of a Bluetooth speaker is susceptible to gradual deterioration, just like most other gadgets. Unlike other problems, battery damage isn’t evident until it’s usually too late to do anything about it. To protect the battery of your speakers, the first thing you should do is make sure you use the right charger to charge your battery. Avoid completely draining the battery every time and try to maintain at least some charging in the unit at all times for better long-term battery health. Finally, avoid overcharging, which is leaving your speaker plugged in to a charger after it has been fully charged.

 Bluetooth speaker


4. Overloading damage: Another weak point of your speaker is susceptibility to overloading, which is playing your speaker at maximum volume for an extended period of time frequently. This leads to drivers working overtime and could accelerate the normal wear-and-tear of your speaker. Try to limit the volume of your speaker to a sensible level. Remember that constant exposure to loud volumes is not healthy for your ears either.

5. Dust damage: Most electronics are vulnerable to dust, and particles getting inside your speaker can slowly decrease its lifespan. To protect your speakers from dust damage, you can create a regular a cleaning routine and practice sticking to it. Depending on how much exposure to dust your speaker can face, give it a good cleaning every week or two weeks.


How to store your speaker?

Letting your speaker sit idly for really long can damage your speakers as well, and so can improper storage for long periods of time. When not using it regularly, you should make sure that you are storing the speaker in the bag. If your speaker doesn’t come with one, consider buying a bag for it. This will let it avoid dust buildup, exposure to moisture and also absorb a part of any small impacts.

Keep your instruction manual handy at all times. If your speaker has any special storage instructions, this is where you’ll find them. You will also find guides on opening and cleaning the speaker if applicable.

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