5 tips to keep your speakers like new

Top tips to keep enjoying your speakers for a long time

5 tips to keep your speakers like new

We tend to overcare for our new gadgets, which can soon turn into neglect. This is the case with all our gadgets, including speakers. But in order to get the maximum out of your purchase, you need to give it proper care. With enough attention, you can keep your speaker just like new for a long time as well. Here is a list of handy tips to make sure that your speaker remains like new as long as possible.

Top 5 tips to keep your speaker looking like new

1. Regular cleaning: Just like any gadget, your speaker accumulates dust and grime over time. If left unchecked, it will impact the sound output and overall quality. In some cases, your speaker can even stop working. While cleaning make sure that you don’t expose it unnecessarily to moisture. You should clean it as often it gets dirty.

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2. Being gentle: Speakers are sophisticated and delicate. The drivers, along with the delicate circuitry inside, can get damaged if you don’t handle it properly. You should make sure that you are being gentle with it. Use the hand grip provided with speakers to clutch your Bluetooth speaker firmly and securely so that there is little to no chance of it falling out of your hand.

3. Protecting it against moisture: Most of the high-end speakers are waterproof and can be used around areas such as the pool. Most budget Bluetooth speakers however don’t have this feature and thus are vulnerable to moisture and water. It is advisable that you don’t take such speaker near water bodies.

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4. Storing it properly: Another factor that determines your speaker’s shelf-life is how you store it when not used. You need to make sure that even when you don’t use it for an extended period of time you charge it regularly. The next thing is storing it in a secure place where it won’t fall and break. Store it away from the reach of small kids and pets.

5. Extended warranty: You can take care of your speakers only to an extent. Even after so much care and maintenance, you might be unlucky and things can go wrong. For that scenario, it is recommended that you take an extended warranty if the option is available to you. Beyond the usual care, this will make sure that you’re covered for all possibilities and adverse situations. For the same, we highly recommend you invest in Croma’s ZipCare Protect Advanced Plans for Speakers.

Beyond this, there are plenty of small things one can do to make sure their speaker performs optimally, for as long as possible. The user’s manual is often ignored but is one of the most important papers inside the box of many electronic gadgets, perhaps more important than the warranty card itself. This contains elaborate instructions on how to take care of the gadget along with a few tips to use it properly as well. It is highly recommended that you go through it at least once.

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