Installing a TV? Here are 7 things to keep in mind

It’s more than just drilling holes in a wall

Installing a TV? Here are 7 things to keep in mind

After long consideration and evaluation, you have finally purchased a TV that is perfect for you. But wait, merely getting a TV is not a job well done. The installation process is equally important if not more. If not done right, your viewing experience will be impacted or you might even end up damaging the TV during the installation process. So, without further ado, let’s jump in to explore this highly important topic.

7 things to keep in mind while installing a TV

1. Choosing the location: The biggest decision while installing a TV is deciding the location of the TV. Make sure that the location is apt for the size of the TV and the relative distance from which you will sit. You will have the option to either wall mount it or put it on a TV table. If you have less space to freely move around then wall mounting is the best solution. 

2. Right Angle: Choosing a location that is at eye level when seated is also a crucial decision. You can use the box of the TV, after taking it out of it, as a dummy to test the placement and angle. Make sure you don’t have to stretch or twist your neck while viewing the TV. 

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3. Mind the glare: This is overlooked by most people while installing the TV. By the time you notice this, it might be too late. If you have a light source (natural or artificial) then make sure it is not falling directly on the screen, which could cause a glare. This affects the viewing experience. 

4. Test the wall strength: This might not be a huge concern as long as the brackets you are using to wall mount your TV are fastened appropriately. You can also opt for wall mounts that allow you to turn your TV to a certain degree. While it adds further flexibility to the viewing angles, ensure that the mount is secure. 

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5. Watch the level: Even slightly out of a straight line or a crooked installation will irritate you every time you watch your TV. Watching the level to correctly install a TV is more crucial if you are wall-mounting it. If you are simply putting it on a table then, you can adjust the level at any point but doing it correctly the first time is always recommended. 

6. Mind the cables: If aesthetics are even a little important to you, then you need to plan in advance how you will hide the cables out of sight for a more seamless and clean installation.  This also means having the wires adequately long so that they can reach the sockets of the power source. 

7. Other accessories: Even if you are not getting any other accessories, a sound bar is a must since the in-built audio output in most TVs is not adequate. You need to plan ahead how all the other accessories such as the sound bar/sound system, headphones, or any other entertainment system will be connected and placed around the TV for a seamless look.

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