Top tips to storing your speaker when not in use for a long time

Speaker storage 101

Top tips to storing your speaker when not in use for a long time

We buy any electronic gadget with a lot of prior thought and hard-earned money. But sometimes we tend to not get the most use out of them and thus, they are prone to neglect. If you are not using your speakers regularly and they are just sitting in their place collecting dust then you should store them. But you need to know how to store them properly. Otherwise, you will end up damaging them.

5 best practices for storing your speakers

Storing your speakers properly is pertinent to make sure their physical integrity and sound output are best intact. Here are five best practices for storing your speakers.

1. Clean them before storing: One of the most recommended practices to protect your speakers is to clean them properly before storing them. Removing dust and debris before storing them will ensure that the internals of your speaker aren’t prone to dust damage. Skipping this step can potentially impact the overall sound quality and render them unusable as well.

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2. Take care of the cables: Just like the speaker, the bundled wires are equally important. You need to fold them properly without twisting them, which could result in some damage. Use a plastic zipper bag to store them. These are best to keep the air and moisture out that might damage the outer cover of the wire and make them usable.



3. Find an appropriate place: Finding a safe place to store your speakers is greatly important if not the most important thing. Storing any electronics in a dry and cool place is recommended and your speakers aren’t any different. As a rule of thumb, the place should meet three criteria, it should be dust-free, away from the reach of kids and lets, and not in direct sunlight. And this goes without saying that it needs to be dry.

4. Use the right bag: Another crucial step in storing your speakers properly is to keep them in the correct box. It is recommended that you first put your speakers in the protective bag given by the manufacturer. In case you don’t have them, you can order them online. These are relatively inexpensive. Next, you need to put your speakers back in their original box.

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5. Periodically check on them: Your job is not over after you have stored them. Even when not in regular use, you should have a regular routine to check up on it on a periodical basis. This will make sure that you can factor in any accidental damages your speakers might be prone to. During these periodical check-ups, you can also clean the box to get rid of dust and debris accumulation.

In the case of Bluetooth speakers, you need to make sure that you periodically take it out and charge it as depleting the battery completely will ruin battery backup and damage battery health directly. In case you have wall and stand-mounted speakers, you should remove them from the stands or mounts and store them separately if required. Apart from this, go through the user’s manual as it contains detailed instructions on how to take care of the device.

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